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    What trinket should I use?

    Hello everyone, Can you please help me out here. Im having a problem with what trinket I should use in raids.
    I am a shadowpriest with 2001 Spellpower 18.65 crit and 405 haste self buffed with the trinkets im using atm.

    atm im using

    [Sundial of the Exiled]
    84 Crit rating
    Chance on hit 590 spellpower for 10 sec.


    [Embrace of the Spider]
    98 Spellpower
    Chance to increase haste by 505 for 10 sec.

    My question is, Should I spend my dkp to get this trinket or just pass it?

    [Extract of Necromatic Power]
    95 Crit rating
    Each time one of your spells deals periodic damage there is a chance 788 to 1312 additional damage will be dealt.

    If anyone got a clue what will increase my dps mostly, please tell me.

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    Re: What trinket should I use?

    Are you Hit Capped?

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    Re: What trinket should I use?

    Quote Originally Posted by Constantiine
    Are you Hit Capped?

    In raids, yes.

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    Re: What trinket should I use?

    Extract of Necromatic Power is about equal to Embrace of the Spider, so I wouldn't spend DKP on it.

    Stack up for Dying Curse (if you need hit at some point), or Illustration of the Dragon Soul.

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    Re: What trinket should I use?

    In my analysis, Dying Curse and Illustration of the Dragon Curse are probably the best 2 trinkets to go with. Having said that I would like to play with the Extract of Necromatic Power but I wouldn't spend DKP on it either (mind you our guild are just rolling for naxx loots, doesnt seem much point to using DKP thus far).

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    Re: What trinket should I use?

    Dying Curse is one of the best trinkiets to have, even if you are hit caped ATM, most of the best items do not have hit on them, and the proc alone is almost as good as any of the trinkiets you listed

    So I would not spend dkp on the Extract. Save it for Dying Curse or Illustration of the Dragon Soul.

    Side note: the hit rating itemalization is SO CRAPY atm... I have 3 chest items and no idea what to wear, as shadow priest ofc...

    1. Valorous Raiments of Faith had me hit caped, but they are crap, so I got:

    2. Gown of the Spell-Weaver is so cool! I resocketed one hit gem for a spell power gem and woot! But today I got:

    3. The Sanctum's Flowing Vestments from Sarth... only problem is, I can't put them on since the gown gives 72hit rating... #%$^

    So the best dps robe for shadow priests is socketed for... healing... to be used in my healing offspec gear... woot... makes me sad...

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