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    Re: achievements yes or no?

    Achievements that don't grant loot = Meh
    Achievements that get me loot = Good (OS)

    Doing a boss a certain way because it's the only way I can get my Epic whatever is an awesome idea, and something I look forward to. I can't wait for Ulduar.

    As much as I don't try for achievements, that sounds and animation makes me feel all warm inside when I get one.

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    Re: achievements yes or no?

    Everyone has the right to not like or like achievements.

    Personnaly I believe achievements are pointless and a waste of my time. But this is only my opinion. Just like tabards are pets and mounts (special ones I mean) are useless to me. If something doesn't make me stronger, faster or tougher, It's useless.

    Achievements were the way blizzard found to keep millions of bored ppl hoooked to the game long enough to not lose them to WaR while waiting for WotLK.

    If Blizzard would've at least copied correctly and given rewards like there is in WaR, then I would've liked it, but in it's current state, achievements are useless imo.

    And it's about damn time they give xp in bg's and make it so you can queue to any bg from anywhere like they announced they would a while ago.

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