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    Re: YOUR top DPS on Patchwerk

    4.21k dps PRE 3.08 and with a fair few less items that I'm wearing now.

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    Re: YOUR top DPS on Patchwerk

    No clue, I haven't killed Patchwerk in 1½ month. The exception was previous week, but we had extreme lag that made everybody drop a average of 1000 dps.

    There's also so many things in the raid composition that can make the difference.

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    Re: YOUR top DPS on Patchwerk

    hey guys, may I know ur dps rotation for patchwerk?
    i've been doing VE-VT-MB-SWD-DP-SWP-MF-MF-MB-MF-MF
    do u keep doing MF until ur VT on cd then do MB or u do MB w/e it's on cd?
    also, if you can share any macro for the dps rotation, i'd be really grateful.

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    Re: YOUR top DPS on Patchwerk

    The best macro for top dps is no macros.

    Yep, that.

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    Re: YOUR top DPS on Patchwerk

    Since now all the epic trinkiets have a passive proc chance (no "use: +xxxsp for 15-20sec" thing), macros are of less importance.

    The only one I use is the "nochaneling" macro for MF and sometimes other spells, depending on lag and other things. You also probably want to put Inner Focus in a macro, with DP if you have mana issues, and with MB if you want more dps, tho the difference is almost nonegzistant.

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