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    rate my staff

    won damnation a week or so ago and i am not sure as to how much better the sarth staff is...

    I believe it has comparible spirit and more crit but less int.. anyone else have any thoughts?

    put the spirit enchant on it too btw.

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    Re: rate my staff

    Personally and this is just me, I prefer damnation 1 because it looks that much better, and to with the stats that close i tend to prefer the increase in crit chance. If you already have enough crit % though enough being in the range of 35% ish raid buffed then i would go with staff of restraint because that would help with mana regen during raids as you get a higher mana regen due to int in raids.

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    Re: rate my staff

    894 - 298 regen, 21.76 crit (holy), 2045 spell power without buffs

    105 haste rating... I would like to get this stat up higher but I always want to keep stacking more spirit, because I am finding that without a replenishment in 10s, I go out of mana in certain fights. I am heroic geared for the most part, but I just can't help but think that my regen needs work... replenishment shouldn't be a crutch i have to fall back upon every time I go OOM.

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    Re: rate my staff

    Getting Either of these then wont really matter, if your trying to stack more mana regen you are going to need to look at alternatives either, the "The Impossible Dream" and "The Matriarchs Spawn" or at other slots for mana regen.

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    Re: rate my staff

    Ur staff is good staff.

    Not worth spending to much dkp on the Sarth staff if you have Damnation. Damnation looks a lot better, this is the final argument for me if I have such dilemas (and we all play this game for cool looking gear, right?)

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    Re: rate my staff

    Ah no... personally I'd hold something that looked like a pile of shit if the stats were better... and at the end of the day even when 2 items boil down to being very similar there will be a belief 1 is slightly better due to it's stats... I've yet to read a post on EJ's that says item A > B due to vanity.

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    Re: rate my staff

    Quote Originally Posted by Knf
    and we all play this game for cool looking gear, right?
    right. (no sarcasm)

    i often need and equip everything that matches the rest of my gear and in raids i tend to use the "best" items i have but then i have half of my server after me ???
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    Because the X-53 is cooler than the Homo Steed
    Quote Originally Posted by Elementium
    [Banned] For trolling.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    You can't balance vuvuzelas.

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