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    Stop QQing and stay FFB then :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrae
    Signed up to ask you about this. When the patch rolled around I specced into 57/3/11 on my own accord, and seeing it (well as I read it) as the top dps spec for mages ticked over in my head. Could you explain to me how to read these charts, or redirect me to somewhere I can learn to get the most out of these charts?
    They simply show the percentage of total damage a spell has. Do keep in mind that they assume the optimal situation and perfect rotation. Why people are holding back respeccing, is in the first place because they'll have to get used to a new rotation. Second, they'll have to replace some gems. Or maybe a piece of gear here and there.

    According to the charts, the cookie cutter FFB spec isn't far behind the arcane spec. And you'll lose the 10% crit on the boss for the raid if you go full arcane.
    Originally Posted by Vaneras
    Soon™ ;-)

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    Lucky for me, we have another mage that will never spec into arcane, so the raid will still have it's 10% spell crit. Only other question I had was what was meant by 'Damage during execute time', my initial thought was it refered to the mage execute range (<35% boss hp) with Molten Fury, but obviously this isn't right seeing as there is the execute time chart for all the other classes and specs. So far quite liking the control of damage or mana as the situation sees fit.

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