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    Undocumend Patch Changes?

    I heard that they are removing the need for the water to douse the runes in MC, which spawn rag.

    I also heard that they are making the altar in UBRS able to be activated by 1 person.

    There were a couple other things along with these changes, but I just wanted to know if they were true?

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    Re: Undocumend Patch Changes?

    Yes I think they are, but no links to confirm it. But as I remember reading, it was announced for 3.0.8.

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    Re: Undocumend Patch Changes?

    well, you'll find out in a couple of hours, won't you?

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    Re: Undocumend Patch Changes?

    I too recall this, as well as not needing the Urn for Nightbane, or the Hammer to summon Ghaz'rilla.

    But PTR being what it is, maybe they have reversed that decision, or not yet implemented it?

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