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    Mana burn

    With it burning a % amount now, is resilience still kicking in and nerfing the amount burned?

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    Re: Mana burn

    isn't that obvious?

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    Re: Mana burn

    ok, thank you for your post?

    i guess my question was too simple?


    so is it a buff or a nerf? (make you happy guy?)

    if you have the resil, and you get, what was it 10% or 25%, less mana drained/ it a buff for the mana burn?

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    Re: Mana burn

    Overall the entire thing is a massive nerf. Mana Burn is still rather useless, and it'll take months before the game is balanced out before it can even be considered again.

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    Re: Mana burn

    It seems to me like it's a buff and a nerf. It was really nice to mana burn enhancement shammy and ret pallies, but instead of burning 1500 mana we're now doing 13%. This means, if the target you're burning has more than 11,500 mana (i.e. any healer) the new mana burn is actually better.

    To be honest, it was a little unfair to the aforementioned specs, but it doesn't seem to be an all out nerf to me.

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    Re: Mana burn

    It's a big big nerf for priest. And now priest is the only class which is fucked by hunters, cause we are the only class which can nothing do against the viper sting, which is instant and drains us 16% of our mana. Against a hunter your are oom in about 30 seconds, its just crazy.

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    Re: Mana burn

    It's pretty much impossible to MB people now anyway, especially melee (skilled Melee were always a pain anyways).

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    Re: Mana burn

    It would be interesting if they glyphed it do that it reduced the cast time by 1 second or half a second, but removed the damage component, that way you would be more likely to be able to get a few shots of it off, and the damage of it was never the reason to use the spell anyway.
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    Re: Mana burn

    To answer your question is it a buff or nerf?

    The answer is it's both.

    Against targets with a large mana pools (zzomgpallies), you will now burn more mana per cast.

    Against targets with smaller mana pools (hunters, ret pallies, etc), you will burn less.

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    Re: Mana burn

    So the real question Is it woth speccing into ?

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    Re: Mana burn

    Unless you play 5s, I'd say no.

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    Re: Mana burn

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    Unless you play 5s, I'd say no.
    I'd say go for the 2 talentpoints in disc, as it will always be usefull. Perhaps you'll end up in a 1v1 in several games, u'd be glad you took it against most classes.

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