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    Malygos health question

    Okay so I'm one of many who still hasn't downed Malygos. Our guild has only tried for two nights. Our best attempt was 13.4% left.

    Someone mentioned they had read that at 10% Alexstraza comes out and finishes Malygos off for us.

    Is this true? Do we only need to get him to 10% or do we need to get him to 0%?

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    Re: Malygos health question

    This is false.

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    Re: Malygos health question

    The cake is a lie.

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    Re: Malygos health question

    Haha, If I'm not mistaken Alexstrasza is one of the most powerful NPC's ingame atm? (139,450,000 HP).

    Would be a little weird if she came in to finish of the last 10%. She only comes when Malygos is dead to provide you loot.

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