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    Makin a switch

    First off let me say, my first character was a priest, it was and always has been my main. Shadow for the longest time and near the end of bc i switched to holy to help out my guild. I ended up liking healing and stuck with it, now that we have some time before 3.1 comes out and new content is released i want to mess around with a pve disc spec. Tryin to figure out what would really be the Strongest healin spec and this is what i came up with

    the only thing i am really questioning is not takin the improved cast time on gheal. I am thinkin right now that as disc you are really more like a pally, its really hard to run out of mana and i know that using Shield, penance, and spamin flash heals i can go for a while gettin up to about 26k mana raid buffed as disc.

    so if i am totally wrong with the spec tell me, lemme know what i need to fix.

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    Re: Makin a switch

    Drop imp renew, drop desperate prayer, get divine fury, and if you really want 3/3 inspiration, steal a point from disc somewhere. (or go 4/5 holy spec)

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    Re: Makin a switch

    could you explain why though? As i said before flash heal is more efficient (with the glyph of course) than greater heal...using 5 points on something i dont think i should be castin seems like a waste

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    Re: Makin a switch

    Because it makes more sense than imp renew (as disc spec). There is a place for gheal in any build. (except maybe pvp disc?)

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    Re: Makin a switch

    with a lack of aoe heal renew can be very helpful on certain fights (malygos...) like i said though, gheals would rarely be cast in a disc build since the HPM value is lower than flash heal. Also dont forget that you can cast 2 flash heals in roughly the same amount of time as 1 gheal. with 2 flash heals u have double the chance to crit proc'in an aegis.
    Gheals just are not effective in a disc pve build i believe. Give me solid evidence as to why they are...

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    Re: Makin a switch

    renew is a valuable tool and no where did i say "spam renew" I'm just asking for evidence that gheal will be used in place of flash heal, or even be used a lot during a fight since the hpm is lower than flash heal.
    Hpm - Healin per mana
    Flash heal will heal more for the mana...

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    Re: Makin a switch

    Disc is extremely mana effecient so with the Flash Heal Glyph they can pretty much use Flash Heal without consequence which results in far safer healng on a MT as they are constantly landing heals...

    However... that doesnt mean you never cast Gheal, not in my experience anyways... Gheal can be great to use just after casting PW:S when u get the haste buff and it means your Gheal will be 1.5 to 1.7s casting time. And Gheal can be good to use when the tank is about to take large amounts of incomming damage so I still feel it has a use, it's just not the staple heal that holy used it for.

    Of course you want to use penance but it does have a 8 - 10 sec CD and I always find that I prefer my priest to be spec'd to have as many options open as possible.

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    Re: Makin a switch

    hehe ok the poster above me said what i was tryin to get chillbro to say, just explain why to use 5 points to lower the cast.

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    Re: Makin a switch

    Quote Originally Posted by rikken
    hehe ok the poster above me said what i was tryin to get chillbro to say, just explain why to use 5 points to lower the cast.
    Because with a Borrowed Haste buff (25%) that suddenly becomes almost a 2.0 "oh shit" cast, and hey with Inner Focus (even without sometimes) it's a godsend, and can be worth it.

    It's like Desperate Prayer. Are you expected to use it on cooldown or have it as one of your high priority heals? Nope. Will you still use it when the situation calls for the oh-snap button? Damn straight.
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    Re: Makin a switch

    I do use gheal sometimes but only if everythings on cd and theres an MS on, just out of panic really, and desperate prayer is a life saver since u can't pennace urself. I don't use renew too much because it's shit really.
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    Re: Makin a switch

    Seeing as we are mostly maintank/utility healers, I wouldn't even dare to get 3 points out of impr. renew, and put it in a spell I DONT use at all.

    With the glyph, renew provides excellent migration, while profiting from two disc talents(+5% healing twin disc/-10% mana cost mental agility)

    If you really want to use Gheal, it should be after getting Borrowed Time, which will save you your 5 talent points.

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