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    Newb Shadow Priest seeking help (PVE)

    Alright so I decided to reroll Horde and im working on a Priest and I plan on hitting 80 either today or tomorrow so I have a ton of questions I hope you guys can help answer

    1. Talents

    Alright this is the talent I plan on using at 80, and I was wondering if this is a good build?


    2. Glyphs

    So im going to need 3 major glyphs and 3 minors and this is what i use now.


    -Glyph of Shadow
    -Glyph of Shadow Word: Death
    -Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain


    -Glyph of Fading
    -Glyph of Shadow Protection
    -Glyph of Levitate

    Would you recomend me using these if not what should I be using?

    3. DPS rotation

    Alright so I heard there are like a million ways to do DPS and here is what I use. I do my best to keep my dots up on the boss at all times. This is what I currenty use.

    SWP, DP, VE, VT, MB, MF, SWD...

    4. Gear

    What should I be looking in a gear?


    Its probably wrong but this is what I think at the moment and if someone can explain what I should use it would be great!

    5. Stats

    Alright what should my stats be when I start doing 10 man naxx?

    Spell Power

    Any others I may have missed?

    6. Key Binds

    Ok ill admit it I kinda click once in a while, I only have 4 things key binded and click the rest and NO I don't keyboard turn. If you want could you share what you guys have key binded?

    This is probably my first caster class I plan on taking seriously and my first DPS class since I played a lot of tanking and healing classes, and I plan on DPS'ing for this expansion and thanks again!

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    Re: Newb Shadow Priest seeking help (PVE)

    1. Build is standard and good. It's what almost all Spriests are using.

    2. Switch out glyph of SW: D for Glyph of Mind Flay. Extra range = gud.

    3. There's a bit of an argument about rotation right now since the change to Shadow Weaving stacking with SW: D. To ensure that DP does not miss from a lack of Misery, my current rotation on pure tank'n'spank bosses is MF -> DP -> VT
    -> MB -> SW: P. On non tank'n'spank bosses (running into position on an already summoned Sapphiron, for example), applying SW: P first and getting your other instants up while positioning is also fine as long as you re-apply SW: P with five stacks of Shadow Weaving.

    4. Spriests can basically use anything now. Haste, crit, and hit are all important to us. Anything that is a DPS upgrade, you should be looking at (deep, I know).

    5. Getting hit capped first is best. There's no standard baseline for gear for Naxx 10 (mostly since it's so easy), so just get what upgrades you can from heroics and do Naxx as soon as you can. Crit and haste are very closely equivalent. Crit has a slight edge in a vacuum, but they scale each other so you don't want to neglect either of them. Items with spirit on them are also a nice bonus, but not something you should obsess over (as long as you can get through something like Patchwerk without using Dispersion, your mana regen is fine).

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    Re: Newb Shadow Priest seeking help (PVE)

    Well its really for stats SP>Crit>Haste>Intel. Granted of course that your hit capped which isnt vry hard to get.
    Also use http://www.shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=16992 for a gear list and how to gem. There is also some great posts on the EJ forums and Shadowpriest.com about certain aspects of owning a dmg meter =). But for the most part you seem to have it right on ur post. The glyph of SW over mindflay is a personal choice really so up to you. But deff look at those forums, they will help a great deal in your rotations and descisions on gear and such.

    Edit* Heres the numbers for stats from Shadowpriest.com

    * 1 spellpower = 1 PP
    * 1 crit rating = 0.61 PP
    * 1 haste = 0.56 PP
    * 1 spirit = 0.21 PP
    * 1 int = 0.19 PP
    * 1 hit = 1.12 PP (when not hit-capped)

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    Re: Newb Shadow Priest seeking help (PVE)

    One of the few informative requests, good post OP.
    1. This spec is good.
    2. I prefer MF glyph over SWD. With MF glyph you play it safe and SWD glyph rarely provides any benefits.
    3. There is no rotation really. First thing that you should look at is your dot uptime. Optimal numbers are around 85-95%. Then you go for casting as much Mind Blasts as you can. Then you limit your downtime with MF/SWD fillers, depending on how much time you got until MB cd is over or dots wear off.
    4. You want gear with maximum spellpower available. Blades2004 posted stat rankings. Crit heavy gear is easier for learning the class, but not optimal for max dps. Once you feel comfortable with rotations and if your ping is not very terrible you should start stacking haste.
    5. First of you start looking into capping your hit. Hitcap for a lvl80 shadowpriest with the spec you posted is 289 hit rating. Just go for hit items with spellpower/crit/haste/spirit but dont bother gemming for hit, go for spellpower gems. They always win even if your hit is not capped.
    6. Bind everything you got comfortably and then start learning the class. You will be seriously screwed up if you find out that your binds suck after time practicing, time will be lost.
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    Re: Newb Shadow Priest seeking help (PVE)

    Yeah your build is pretty standard except I like to actually put 1 or 2 points into the Shadow Affinity instead of imp VE especially when your gear gets up there its nice to not have to be quite as careful with Mindsear on those "accidental" huge pulls when the tanks are bored. (IE last 25 man naxx the MT pulled all 4 groups + spiders in Faerlina's room and we survived :P)

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    Re: Newb Shadow Priest seeking help (PVE)

    What I personally use is macros to help me click less... I rarely click anything, and it's usually things I do out of combat (buffs). 1-3 and Shift+1-3 will take care of the majority of your spells. I use Shift+1-3 for my DoTs, VT being Shift+1, SW:P being Shift+2, DP being Shift+3. Mind Blast is 1, Mind Flay is 2, SW is 3. Then Mind Sear is ` and VE is 4. That's almost all you'll use so... yeah. Here's an example of my macro for 1 so you can make what you want of it.

    #show Mind Blast
    /cast [mod:shift] Vampiric Touch
    /cast Mind Blast

    As far as rotation, your DoT's take precedence over MB, and MB takes precedence over MF. On boss fights keep in mind that SW:P is put on once, but whatever modifiers are present at the time are used for the whole encounter. Thus if Shadow Weaving is not fully stacked or let's say Curse of Elements isn't up, you're losing DPS. You can either re-apply SW:P sometime you have a GCD or wait til you have Shadow Weaving to 5 stacks and put it up, since generally at this point most raid debuffs will be up. What I personally use is VT-DP-MB-MF-SW-SW:P. Again DoTs > MB > MF. If you are with a Death Knight you may consider doing DP first because Pestilence spreads it to other mobs. As far as SW some people use it when you need to re-buff a VT or DP in between MB's, some people use MF and clip it early. You can think of the time between MB's as being 4 GCD's (roughly), so you basically want to make the most of what you put in there and not use more or less than 4 GCD's whenever you can.

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