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    Spell Hit Arc+Frost

    Hi there,
    if you specc something like this http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=of0Vfu0IzxGuMuedcZbGc0o you get 6% Spell Hit (new Precision).
    This plus a Moonkin/SPriest => 210 Hit Cap
    This minus Moonkin/SPriest => 289 Hit Cap

    Am I right?
    Thx for info

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    Re: Spell Hit Arc+Frost

    u need 11% base hit from gear if you have elemental precision and want all spells to be hitcaped. then again arcane spells gain additional 3% from arcane focus. so you could do with 9% hit for your main nuke. but then again if you want to be sure that your nonarcane spells are hitcaped then you will need 11% hit in that spec.

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    Re: Spell Hit Arc+Frost

    Okay, thx. POM=>AB ;D

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    Re: Spell Hit Arc+Frost

    From now on i dont see the point of casting anything else than arcane spells in pve (for those who choosed 57/3/11 spec).

    So yeah pom+ ABlast seems to be the thing you do IN PVE. 8)
    *French guy inside*
    *please forgive my poor english*

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