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    Ignite Munching

    Was it fixed in the patch ? I remember reading about it somewhere.

    If so, how was it fixed ?

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    Re: Ignite Munching

    nope, they can't fix it. They could change it... but it's not fixed.
    Originally Posted by Vaneras
    Soon™ ;-)

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    Re: Ignite Munching

    btw is the only way to "roll" ignite currently to apply another critting firespell before the first tic of ignite occurs? on loatheb only way to get a 45k ignite is when bloodlust and icy veins are up so your ffb casts goes off faster then the first tic of ignite which will add everything up to this 45k ticking buff.

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    Re: Ignite Munching

    Well thanks to ignite munching those hot streak procs really feel awkward. In fact the whole rotation feels awkward, and I've tried many different things now to avoid ignote munching when hot streak procs. Sometimes I'm lucky and able to refresh LB first and then throw pyro after, sometimes I scorch first but to be honest I think I'm losing dps by having to scorch first every time hot streak procs.

    Otherwise frostfire spec in raids can be really fun and I'd hate to feel I'm losing dps every time I get a double crit.

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    Re: Ignite Munching

    You're not losing anything. You're just missing out. If Ignite worked properly we'd do even more insane dps.
    Originally Posted by Vaneras
    Soon™ ;-)

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