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    Nobles Deck Holy Healing

    Fellow Holy priest,

    i was looking at elite yerks ect but couldn't find any posts about the nobles deck if its good for holy priest.
    atm i got Mayistic Dragon Figure and Spirit-World Glass..

    i still need 2 and 8 of nobles deck before i got it complete but i was just wondering if its really needed to get that expensive little deck with the trinkets i got atm..
    ofc i would go for 90spirit and chance of inc 300 spirit (since it is my highest stat)

    minip the undying

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    Re: Nobles Deck Holy Healing

    You're probs gonne exchange it with the spirit world glass, personally I wouldn't spend a shitload of gold on a 2 spirit upgrade, it's nice that it has a chance to proc rather then clicking it to proc (although i like clicking it myself, do it right after a clearcast, pump inner focus, have a lucky crit and have another clearcast, and you got 3k mana back in 20 secs :P )

    I think you're spirit combo is actually the best for a priest atm, I got the majestic trinket, spirit world glass just hates me, when it finally did drop, resto drood won it :P. If I had both your trinkets, I would not change it for anything till Ulduar hits to be honest.

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