View Poll Results: What is your favorite PVE Spec in 3.0.8

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  • TTW Fire

    3 13.04%
  • FFB

    6 26.09%
  • Arcane

    11 47.83%
  • Frost

    3 13.04%
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    Favorite / Best PVE Spec

    Just curious what your favorite spec is for 3.0.8. I have seen many good things for TTW fire, but hit is an issue. What do you all think?

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    Re: Favorite / Best PVE Spec

    i voted frost , but it is TTW frost, i understand it isn't the "best dps" but it is decent dps and it is my fav. been frost since 06!

    Look FFB, Arance, Frost mages.. we all help each other some way when raiding pve.. so get off each others balls and play your spec to it's fullest and have fun with it ..
    " make sure when arguing with an idiot, he is not doing the same"

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    Re: Favorite / Best PVE Spec

    arcane has been fun, except for my entire guild yelling "nerfbat" after every fight.

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    Re: Favorite / Best PVE Spec

    What kind of DPS are you pulling for them to yell nerf? Thats crazy I thought it was sub par. TTW Fire is maxing out for me around 6200 with an average of 5500-5800

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    Re: Favorite / Best PVE Spec

    WOW, 6.6 on patch. That is impressive and this is just what I needed to spend 50g on a respec. Thank you for that wws this is exciting to try something so different from FFB that has massive dmg.

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    Re: Favorite / Best PVE Spec

    also note I was/am still geared more for FFB spec so as I get some changes numbers should go up, also KT decided he will never drop turning tide again now that I'm next in line to get it... I'll be more interested in how I do next week with some experience in the fights as this spec, on a few fights I oom'ed so I'll need to be more careful with mana. Also I wasnt using the ABx3-AM-ABarr all the time like some have said to do on EJ forums, rather I was ABx3-MBAM(if procs)-ABarr as long as I had mana to do the 3 stack. Anyway, it was an interesting night, would have topped on all fights if one of the other mages wouldnt have chained zelik's lightning thing to me lol.

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    Re: Favorite / Best PVE Spec

    Im sry, i feel stupid, but i dont PVE much, wats TTW stand for? and EP? also wats better TTW fire or TTW frost?

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    Re: Favorite / Best PVE Spec

    torment the weak. ttw fire

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    Re: Favorite / Best PVE Spec

    ah okay, i was looking it up i saw torment the weak, so i though thats the T, but where the TW in fire? wats better TTW frost or fire? is TTW fire teh best dps spec?

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