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    Best Professions for +Spell damage

    Hello all,

    This is something I have been pondering over for a few days. What are the two best professions for the highest amount of + spell damage???

    Right now I have Enchanting and Inscription. Both go very nicely with each other and making great gold with both. Putting your enchants on scrolls and selling them is a wonderful thing...BUT am I getting the most out of my "added profession only" bonuses???

    I was chatting with a guildie and totally realized how great Jewelcrafting is mainly because of those +32 spell power multi-colored gems. Its a real pain in the ass to keep 2 blue gems for my meta skyfire gem bonus. But with those, you really never have to worry about that again, or even for item specific set bonuses for that matter. AND you can have 3 of them for a total of +96 spell power. Even if I have 3 of those sockets with Red only gems its +57 spell power and would be lucky enough to match item bonuses for a little extra kick.

    Sure the +19 spell power to rings are nice for enchanting for a total of +38 spellpower, but with inscription you get the +61 spell power +15 Spell crit...THEN you subtract the +24 spell power +15 Spell crit shoulder enchant that you COULD easily get from Sons of Hodir for a little rep grinding and that leaves you with only +37 spell power benefit.

    So for a total of +75 spell power from my professions, am I really getting the most bang for my buck??



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    Re: Best Professions for +Spell damage

    looks like you already made up your mind, what do we need to discuss, exactly?
    Originally Posted by Vaneras
    Soon™ ;-)

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    Re: Best Professions for +Spell damage

    JC + enchantng or inscryption

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    Re: Best Professions for +Spell damage

    Yeah, JC is the best then Enchant/Inscription as second choice, I'm JC/Insc and I got 2104spell damage without arcane spec bonus.

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    Re: Best Professions for +Spell damage

    Blacksmithing is actually tied for best. When epic gems get introduced into WoW, it'll beat out all other professions for SP with +46. So, unless blizzard adds new enchants/JC Gems or Insription shoulder enchants. BS is your best bet.

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    Re: Best Professions for +Spell damage

    JC has a little advantage over the other proffesions, advantage that Blizz missed when they wanted to tune all proffesions to provide the same bonus, wich is the fact that by equipping the 3 prismatic 32 spell power gems(or any other) you won't be forced to equip any combination of blue gems that the meta obligates you to do.

    i'm talking about the 2 blue gems required for the 21 crit rating and 3% extra crit meta gem and ofc any blue sockets that might be in your items. so not equipping the 2 blue gems (wich mostly will be 9 spell power and 12 stamina ones, or any other combination) you will get an extra 19 spell power just from being a JC

    the second proffesion can be any other, they all provide the same amount of 38-40 spell power (ring enchants, bracer enchants from LW, inscription enchant or even tailoring cloack procc)

    i myself have JC and enchanting. so taking in consideration only spell power i get :

    13 extra spell power from the 3 prismatic gems = 39 spell power
    9 spell power extra for not being forced to equip blue gems x2 = 18 spell power
    38 spell power from ring enchants = 38 spell power

    wich makes a total of 95 extra spell power only from proffesions

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    Re: Best Professions for +Spell damage

    i seriously don't think it's a good ideea for any caster to become a blacksmith. just for an extra 10 spell power or so.that's a little overkill

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    Re: Best Professions for +Spell damage

    it's really not overkill if you are aiming to be the best you can be.

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