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    Fire pvp spec with POM, what do you think

    Fire spec but i traded living bomb and some burnout for POM and improved blink, going for better survivability in this World Of Halo with rocket launchers craft.
    Hot streak, Fiery Payback, and POM-Pyro will lead to some wtf moments, although fiery payback adding a cd may be an inconvenience when at low health.
    Haven't actually gone this but considering giving it a night.


    If not my build for fire with improved CS:


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    Re: Fire pvp spec with POM, what do you think

    Looks good, although you may have problems with prot warriors, with no ability to control your opponents' movement (other than blastwave, on a 30 sec cd). Too bad blizz will be getting rid of impact in the future, i wonder what they will give fire mages in its place to help keep their pvp relevance.

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    Re: Fire pvp spec with POM, what do you think

    I do BG's with a POM fire spec as well
    here's a post I did about it http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=34494.0
    [which I didn't get any feedback ]

    I do admit I'm getting more kills with my raid arcane pvp spec but at the same time I'm dying much more. In a BG enviroment where, as a clothy, your likely to be targeted by several people DB and BW is an incredible for survival.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nawramsti
    Mages are fine wtf are you talking about.
    Frost for PvP Arcane for LOLPVP and Fire for...... for.....for.......one sec will get back to you.

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