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    Your Opinion on this template


    I tried this, founding it to be quite effective.

    I ask your thoughts and remarks on it, try to be constructive please,
    and please forgive my awful english, It's not my native language.

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    Re: Your Opinion on this template

    hell yeah

    Must be because i'm 79 1/2 and still battling with trash to lvl...
    I'll correct this

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    Re: Your Opinion on this template

    Cant really give an opinion since you didnt state what you are trying to accomplish with it.

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    Re: Your Opinion on this template

    erh... I try to make a template wich can compete with the cookie cutter frotfire that everyone is so found of.

    Seeking thought and opinions on this and it's possible effectiveness

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    Re: Your Opinion on this template

    Why ?
    I mean ... Why can't this template compete with the sacred FFB cookie cutter spec ?

    It gots nice crit rates, a good burst somewhere between 15% and 20% of your cast time.
    nice mana regen (no down time), insta cast for when you need to move, and your main dps is the exact same spell (FFB). So can you enlighten me please ?

    I just try to discuss and understand other position on or against this template.

    Thanks in davance for your replies.

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    Re: Your Opinion on this template

    right now ffb (53/18) is below a fire build (20/51) in dps, but only by around 100 dps. both are below arcane. frost is bringing up the rear but only 300 dps from FFB. so to the op you really can't go wrong with any spec. what should determine what you go is your gear and what you like. if your bored with the spec your not going to be doing optimal dps. also at lower gear lvl's frost is king. FFB takes a lot of crit to be effective. if you want to stay frost i'd go like below. TtW is just awesome right now. as a frost mage you really don't need to go deep into fire to get MoE for the mana...


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    Re: Your Opinion on this template

    I'm really at a loss as to why people are still using brain freeze in raiding environments. Outside of a very minor mana efficiency gain, you end up losing overall DPS just by using it (just like you do if you use shatter combos with ice lance). Yes: it is a free spell. Unfortunately, it also uses 1.5 seconds in global cooldown. My frostbolts in rather craptastic gear take 2.2 seconds to cast. As a ratio of damage per time spent, that 1.5 second fireball will never under any circumstances compete with my frostbolts in damage delivered. Even with the crit buff, neither will my ice lance.

    http://code.google.com/p/simulationc...i/SampleOutput and look at damage per execute time under 18_0_53. As your haste increases this discrepancy gets enhanced even further. For my use, I put those three points into frostbite for outside utility. Alternately, you can use them to buff your elemental resists in arcane or do any number of things. All told, however, you will lose DPS by using brain freeze once you are beyond wearing mostly quest greens. Chaincasting frostbolt and managing your elemental/trinket/misc cooldowns can't be beat for end DPS in frost.

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