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    Lack of Engineering recipes

    I don't know about the rest of you engineers out there, but I find that the lack of recipes for engineering forces us to make way to many of the same item over and over again until we level, then rinse, repeat.

    If you check out most of the other professions, they have a variety of items in which you can use to skill up.

    Most engineers aren't making items that are going to sell on the AH, especially with WotLK, there is only 1 item that has a random enchantment on it, and most will hold out till they can get their helm.

    Let's see a show of hands of people that made a bunch of army knives to get your skill to 440 so you can make the helm. I don't know about the rest of you, but i'm sure almost any guild bank has between 5 to 15 of those sitting in there.

    I guess I believe we should have more of a variety when it comes to skilling up the profession. I believe that the higher end has been taken care of, with the whole goggles and ability to make the hog. But shouldn't we have more than 2 items to choose from to get a skill up, especially if the items are for trinkets.

    More or less bummed, not so much QQ

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    Re: Lack of Engineering recipes

    Yes, we need more recipes for leveling and they need to lessen the mats for some of them and stop making so many of them soulbound on pickup if the idea is to make money off of them.

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    Re: Lack of Engineering recipes

    cant complain about the leveling experience.
    sure it took a while, there wasnt much diversaty on the items and in the end i got stuck leveling up on something yellow.
    but i must say its not the hardest to level up.

    the thing that makes engineering a bit of a setback is mainly it just a "for fun only" profession. sure its usefull in some ways like farming eternals and the amry knife (thoug yeah you hit the nail head on when you said that most people/guildbanks have about 15 of them sitting around)
    and the only real way to give to the community is throug the 2 guns we can make. and maybe if someone wants it that badly the hog.

    it would be nice to see some more non engineering bound items that we can make.
    especialy during our leveling up proces.

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    Re: Lack of Engineering recipes

    I agree, i spent like 3000 gold from 400-450 435-450 was a pain, ending up making around 40 army knives (this was a week into wotlk so prices were very high) and it costed me about 1500 gold just for that 15 skill

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