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    Lightweave and blizzard, bugged?

    Hi, I've searched through these forums and not found anything on this so I thought I'd ask the question.

    Has any mage seen lightweave embroidery proc from blizzard?

    After the patch I specced frost (as I prefer it) and went to test my dps on target dummies. Throughout testing I never got lightweave to proc at all. Obviously the proc needs a target so for it to work at all I would have to be targetting one of the dummies, which I did and still no procs. Then I tested with arcane explosion and it procced first time.

    Is this intended behaviour? Seems strange for it to proc off one aoe and not the other.

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    Re: Lightweave and blizzard, bugged?

    This is due to the different mechanics behind ae spells, i believe. There are two different types: "True" area of effect spells, which like the name suggests have no concrete target but damage all enemy units in a certain area, like dnd or blizzard. And there are multiple target spells, which directly target multiple units and then attack them, like e.g. arcane explosion or Starfall. This difference in mechanics was covered some months ago in a blue discussion. I could imagine that it only proccs of spells which target units.

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    Re: Lightweave and blizzard, bugged?

    Possibly. I've seen reports of it working on mind sear but not mind flay.

    If it's how you suggest it makes what was already considered a dodgy alternative to the haste enchant even worse.

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