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    Re: Warlock's Raid Relevance

    Quote Originally Posted by Morath
    WWS pls
    ill run wws after reset tuesday, since everything is on farm we have no need to wws till 3.1 but ill run it just for you

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    Re: Warlock's Raid Relevance

    Quote Originally Posted by Morath
    WWS pls
    theres no need for wws, i have seen one here with two locks above 6k.. but that only happens when you kill him under 3 minutes with maximum effect of heroism/drain soul/etc to your overall dps...

    i did around 4.5k in 10man with crap stacked group when we did that achievement, more than i sometimes do in 25.. so it depends on the raid you are in a lot

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    Re: Warlock's Raid Relevance

    Optimal raid setup is required for eeking out the most DPS, it also depends on how your personal buffs are.

    1) Flask, food, fire or spell stone should always be used if youre not using it theres something wrong with you.

    2) Optimal raid setup for casters is Boomkin , shadowpriest, ret paladin, elemental shaman, BM hunter (3% dmg buff), and Mages popping scorch.

    Just from this calculation you get 8% haste, 3% hit, 21 crit rating overall.

    Pop pots during blood lust, i generally use Destruction or Speed pots.

    For those of you using IMP i suggest having it buffed -- Kings, wisdom (Big one IMP never! goes oom), imp stam / spirit food.

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    Re: Warlock's Raid Relevance

    This topic made me snigger...

    We usually raid with 4 warlocks and just about everytime top dmg dealers are locks, trash and bosses... Occasionally a pala/hunter/warr is there aswell, but none of the mentioned come in those positions on a regular intervall...

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    Re: Warlock's Raid Relevance

    Quote Originally Posted by Desde
    This topic made me snigger...
    Ten extra DKP for epic word usage. :P

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    Re: Warlock's Raid Relevance

    Raiding as Meta/ruin now, I would say 330(50 more then totem) extra spelldmg to all casters is a pretty significant buff. Pluss. Doing 5k on patch, and top 5 on pretty much all the bosses.

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    Re: Warlock's Raid Relevance

    Raid relevance?

    Hrmmm.. Let's see..

    1) If the person knows how to play his/her character and can maximize a lock's DPS output no matter what spec he/she is using, then that's some SICK DPS right there regardless of whether it's 1st or 3rd or 5th on the meters.

    2) What RL does not want at least one SS in a raid? Seriously?

    3) And for the lazy people who cannot even click a release button, there we are (warlocks) to summon their butts back into the instance. I mean do you know how much time Warlock Express saves in a raid?

    4) I dunno about the rest of you, but my guildies just LOVE my awesome healthstones. They really do! ;D

    As long as you can fill those 4 roles and come equppied with shards, then I'm pretty sure you're just about (if not MORE) as valuable as a ffb mage with a table.

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