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    Re: Heroic disc priest

    I was at about 2100 sp, 25% crit, and 1100 mp5 (about 500 while casting + another 150 from procs not counted) with only inner fire as a fully geared holy, but when I recently switched to disc I lost a lot of spellpower. My spellpower dropped by around 300, but I find that regen isn't as important with disc. I can spam heal for a 10-15 min fight like Sapphiron and not even go below 10k mana without using pots, shadowfiend, etc whereas with holy I would go oom easily. I'm finding that disc heals for about 60% of holy with the same equip. As disc, I think it's more important to stack spellpower and crit as you lose so much sp. Haste also seems more useful for disc since you have so much mana to play with, but I would worry about it after you stack enough of the other stats.

    As holy I stacked up on crit and spirit the most. In raid fights where speed of the heal delivered isn't critical, I find holy to be a much better spec, but in fights like Kelthuzad with the frost blocks, disc's fast heals are superior. If Blizzard allows shields to stack, disc will be a very strong raid healer on par with holy even with the lower healing output, but it's currently being gimped by some design flaws. I would really love to see a glyph to shorten the cooldown on penance to 6 seconds when talented.

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    Re: Heroic disc priest

    Tbh when i got level 80 on my main character that is a shaman i knew i was going for resto since i enjoy healing the most in pve contents and since my shaman was a rerolled character i came to level 80 with some what full s2 elemental gear so i just equiped my blue/green quest loot that i felt suited for healing. It got me to about 1200 spellpower and 250 mp5 while casting or so and we managed to do all the heroics in the begining some of them were abit tougher but you should be just fine with thoose stats if you arent a complete retard

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    Re: Heroic disc priest

    I've run multiple heroics on my disc priest and hes in the same situation (1300ish SP, 500-600ish mana regen). Just armory the tank before you invite him or get invited by him.

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    Re: Heroic disc priest

    i don't see a problem with it. just grab some food and flasks for the main while and start with the easiest heroic like nexus until your get the healing mace off the last boss. it will boost up your sp by at least 100, enchanted it with 50 sp and you are set

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    Re: Heroic disc priest

    Quote Originally Posted by destro
    As holy I stacked up on crit and spirit the most. In raid fights where speed of the heal delivered isn't critical, I find holy to be a much better spec
    Except that if you were stopcasting, you'd always be having a heal ready, keeping in line with "speed" regardless of the amount of haste you have.
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    Re: Heroic disc priest

    I ran Heroic Nexus and UK as soon as I hit 80, with 1300ish spell power. It was a little tough, but it was okay. I have not done a single level 80 non-Heroic instance. Like some people have said, if the tank is good, you're fine as a healer. His gear is more important than yours; that is, I think it's easier for a good tank to carry a good healer than it is for a good healer to carry an undergeared tank, though both are possible.

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    Re: Heroic disc priest

    Your stats are fine as a disc priest. Your build is about mitigaton as much as it's about healing power, so the same rules don't apply as they would for a holy priest. Just make sure your tank always has weakened soul and spam rapture whenever it's off CD and you'll be good to go.

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    Re: Heroic disc priest

    I did heroics when I hit 80 as a disc priest without few problems.

    The main thing to realize is that as a Disc priest, as others have said, the rules change.

    For example, as holy, it's better to stack Spirit... while disc it's better to stack Int. Holy has the aforementioned 25% spirit > SP. Disc has the 'crit and you get mana back bases on max mana'.

    Expect your healing meter to be smaller than other healers because 30% of your "healing" (maybe more) is lost to shields and mitigation that don't get tracked.

    I personally went back holy because by the time I read up on the differences, I was in full spirit based epics. I'm working on my Int/Crit/haste set for disc/shadow.

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    Re: Heroic disc priest

    Disc is certainly a viable option for heroics, I leveled as disc/holy and once I hit 80 I started running heroics as a disc and overall it wasnt that bad, some of the AoE bosses hurt a bit, but overall it was a fun spec to play. Even as much as I love holy now, Disc still was a more interesting play style.

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