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    Inscribed Monarch Topaz

    Anyone know where this drops?

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    Re: Inscribed Monarch Topaz

    random world drop!

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    Re: Inscribed Monarch Topaz

    Not in game yet.

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    Re: Inscribed Monarch Topaz

    Quote Originally Posted by Edeen
    Not in game yet.
    Implemented in Patch 3.0.8

    and as the posted above you said; Random World Drop.


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    Re: Inscribed Monarch Topaz

    Ok to be more specific, i know it is a random world drop. Has anyone seen or know of a specific mob off of which or area that it has dropped?

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    Re: Inscribed Monarch Topaz


    Randomness is a lack of order, purpose, cause[citation needed], or predictability. A random process is a repeating process whose outcomes follow no describable deterministic pattern, but follow a probability distribution such that the relative probability of the occurrence of each outcome can be approximated or calculated. For instance, the rolling of a six-sided dice in neutral conditions may be said to produce random results in that one cannot compute before a roll what digit will be landed on, but the probability of landing on any of the six rollable digits can be calculated because of the finite cardinality of the set of possible outcomes.

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