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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolsteak View Post
    I'm guessing this is one of your "acceptable" ads
    How do you arrive at that conclusion? Did you even read the first post?

    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    For your reference, we ALREADY block the following kinds of ads:
    • [... ]
    • Uninitiated audio (audio starts playing without user enabling)
    • [... ]
    • Floating (e.g. elements in ad float above page’s content. Disable by clicking a sometimes difficult-to-see x/close button)
    Obviously, "block" means "we don't want those, so we told our ad provider to not use these on our website".
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    BuyBoosts appear quite frequeny -->
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    I keep getting these type of ads. I've reported them to Google but more pictures with that creepy woman keep coming back.

    I'm a woman, so I'd have no use for 'that'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormbreed View Post
    Mexico is already part of the USA so is Canada
    Quote Originally Posted by Shandalar View Post
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    Currently keeps asking me to download match_redirect
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