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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post

    Tested it from a different workstation on incognito mode. Happened again
    Pretty sure it's just one of the many ads MMO-C is hosting. I doubt it matters where you log from.

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    Inspecting thingy doesn't work for me, and this ad passes adblock, so can only post screenshot:

    RMT website what else to add. These pests are on wowhead too. :/

    Browser: firefox.
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    And there we go again:

    Here's what I get when I try to "inspect element" and "copy link". AqWIpdOJflE-qAMByANKqgTvAU_QL1xWAksyOyCUhSoxwUHNhwN8SF4zS38q3HxD9TSBpKwHr2F3tmSVT1-VXpFyWtaNpbnaXXdeMkFSQ1dtNTfDVcLuiejAptQbpDunpjm9PdQ2Q7fW-XU1B7QBhj6OHmEzWCLXtMk4s4s4uKV7X0vYQR3I_C0Vx64Rqyu6o2Mu0cUHJIRRhQaVkpin_TKIgfUm7Kz6MBWvA8t sr1FjjyfRmMVV4i58iykA6IIKNzxyIol3lQSy4rJ3unnMoFsKHUouonJ2O9CrzLLv4AS7P8BScoefYuOpT-fG3vaes8KGXQ2q8qkTL7ddKDLfUGwHwASMyOvJoAL6BQYIJRABGACgBi6AB-Do8DeoB47OG6gHk9gbqAe6BqgH8tkbqAemvhuoB-zVG6gH89EbqAfs1RvYBwDACAHSCAcIgGEQARgA8ggOYmlkZGVyLTI2Nzg2MjiACgSQCwPICwHYEw0&ae=1&num=1&p r=10:0.037133&sig=AOD64_2LaTOMlPnrJ-eImYRqAOceGwxqSg&client=ca-pub-3076890012741467&adurl=
    Not sure if it's gibberish tbh, just tried to do what you posted in the instructions at start.
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    No script works wonders for me. Any pop-up blocker in addition to Firefox is a smart choice.

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    Despite I have installed the adblock it was redirected to lul

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    Been getting this obnoxious overlay ad today.

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    There is this banner at the bottom of the screen on Mobile which is covering part of the screen. It's also changing size if I don't click it off. Not sure if reporting just one of them helps but I certainly can't screenshot and link each one of them.

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    We'll be removing that banner for logged in users.

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    I've been getting these annoying dating site ads for a couple of days now

    Edit: it's not just this one site, but other sites too. They're kind of suggestive
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    I'm guessing this is one of your "acceptable" ads

    Autoplaying video popups are cancer even with the sound muted, Back to uBlock it is.
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    I started asking where the schools were.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolsteak View Post
    I'm guessing this is one of your "acceptable" ads
    How do you arrive at that conclusion? Did you even read the first post?

    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    For your reference, we ALREADY block the following kinds of ads:
    • [... ]
    • Uninitiated audio (audio starts playing without user enabling)
    • [... ]
    • Floating (e.g. elements in ad float above page’s content. Disable by clicking a sometimes difficult-to-see x/close button)
    Obviously, "block" means "we don't want those, so we told our ad provider to not use these on our website".
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    BuyBoosts appear quite frequeny -->
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