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    Quote Originally Posted by Breccia View Post

    Holy shit, it's getting annoying. Like "don't make me get adblock, you guys" annoying.

    Tested it from a different workstation on incognito mode. Happened again

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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post

    Tested it from a different workstation on incognito mode. Happened again
    Pretty sure it's just one of the many ads MMO-C is hosting. I doubt it matters where you log from.

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    Inspecting thingy doesn't work for me, and this ad passes adblock, so can only post screenshot:

    RMT website what else to add. These pests are on wowhead too. :/

    Browser: firefox.
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    And there we go again:

    Here's what I get when I try to "inspect element" and "copy link". AqWIpdOJflE-qAMByANKqgTvAU_QL1xWAksyOyCUhSoxwUHNhwN8SF4zS38q3HxD9TSBpKwHr2F3tmSVT1-VXpFyWtaNpbnaXXdeMkFSQ1dtNTfDVcLuiejAptQbpDunpjm9PdQ2Q7fW-XU1B7QBhj6OHmEzWCLXtMk4s4s4uKV7X0vYQR3I_C0Vx64Rqyu6o2Mu0cUHJIRRhQaVkpin_TKIgfUm7Kz6MBWvA8t sr1FjjyfRmMVV4i58iykA6IIKNzxyIol3lQSy4rJ3unnMoFsKHUouonJ2O9CrzLLv4AS7P8BScoefYuOpT-fG3vaes8KGXQ2q8qkTL7ddKDLfUGwHwASMyOvJoAL6BQYIJRABGACgBi6AB-Do8DeoB47OG6gHk9gbqAe6BqgH8tkbqAemvhuoB-zVG6gH89EbqAfs1RvYBwDACAHSCAcIgGEQARgA8ggOYmlkZGVyLTI2Nzg2MjiACgSQCwPICwHYEw0&ae=1&num=1&p r=10:0.037133&sig=AOD64_2LaTOMlPnrJ-eImYRqAOceGwxqSg&client=ca-pub-3076890012741467&adurl=
    Not sure if it's gibberish tbh, just tried to do what you posted in the instructions at start.
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    No script works wonders for me. Any pop-up blocker in addition to Firefox is a smart choice.

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    Despite I have installed the adblock it was redirected to lul

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    Been getting this obnoxious overlay ad today.

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    There is this banner at the bottom of the screen on Mobile which is covering part of the screen. It's also changing size if I don't click it off. Not sure if reporting just one of them helps but I certainly can't screenshot and link each one of them.

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    We'll be removing that banner for logged in users.

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    I've been getting these annoying dating site ads for a couple of days now

    Edit: it's not just this one site, but other sites too. They're kind of suggestive
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