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    Quote Originally Posted by Faifel View Post
    Shitty gift card redirects are back.
    I get those on mobile too.

    And asshole advertisers who use gross feet in their ads can eat shit and die.
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    Every time I go to MMO-C on my phone I get death by redirect ads. Fml

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    Mobile. Redirects literally every 3 seconds and the only way to clear it is to use the back button. All it displays is a totally black screen with a small white dot at its center.
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    Should be able to get adblock for all mobile browsers by now. I haven't seen an ad on my mobile phone in....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potboza View Post
    I created a black human male called "Pedopriest" and ran him to SW.
    I started asking where the schools were.
    Someone said "My kids play on this server you creep! How can you live with yourself?"
    I whispered back, "How old are they?"

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    Some shitty ad warning that security certificate isn't valid that locks my pc up. I have to close when that fucking piece of shit pops up. Whoever the hell is that little amateur creating such things needs to be dragged out in a public street and beaten to death, shot a few times, just to be sure, then crucified as a warning to such ad companies.

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    Same fucking ad locking up everything.'s a damn waste of time even coming here to "report bad ads" when you guys have zero control over this level of bullshit.

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    since a few days after spending some minutes on mmo-champion i suddenly get forwarded to
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    Geting redirected to adds on Mobile is bloody annoying. Can’t somethings be done about this? Geting bloody porn adds now like really come on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemos daemonium View Post
    Geting redirected to adds on Mobile is bloody annoying. Can’t somethings be done about this? Geting bloody porn adds now like really come on.
    Need the URLs to track down the source

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    Page redirect to a spam site claiming Mac is infected with viruses and malware (also had the worlds loudest continuous beep) and to use AppleCare protection plan.

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    Thank you for sharing these. All kinds of Ad's are really annoying. I personally feel the same thing as you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwkwardSquirtle View Post[klawz]#

    Apparently I won an iphone.

    Omg so did I, what are the odds!
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    Sorry about that, will pass it along to be tracked down again.

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    I wanted to reply to the moderator Chaud on another thread about ads on MMO-Champion, but the thread got closed. I wanted to mention, that I usually get only gambling ads on this site, like every time I visit the site there is a gambling ad on the top banner slot on every page. Sometimes I get a gaming ad, but it's always Crossout, or gambling ads.

    Chaud mentioned, that the site shouldn't display gambling ads, but it certainly does. Maybe this is a large-scale issue worth looking into. I wouldn't mind ads overall, if they just we're relevant to me, like game ads, or movie ads. But no, always gambling or dairy products.

    For example:;C=1;C=1


    (Last one not gambling, but not relevant either)

    Hope the messy looking links are helping..
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    These Metal Gear Survive ads are aids. I’d get you a url, but they freeze my mobile browser when I let them load and there’s no way in hell I’m disabling my desktop’s protections.

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