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    Elemental ...Dead?

    Was thinking of an elemental spec and i stumbled upon


    what you guys think yes flaming alowed idc just wanted to see how good thi would do in PvP and PVE

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    Re: Elemental ...Dead?

    That is 2 times the same specc ;D
    Looks very mana efficient. So it could be viable at a 15 minute fight. I don't think this specc will do more dps than burnout-ffb-specc, but you can try it and share your summary with aus

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    Re: Elemental ...Dead?

    I don't agree with this build - imp blizz I've never liked and just 1 point would be fine, perma frost is kinda worthless especially against bosses, and arctic reach isn't worth the points. It seems like too many filler talents to get to the end while a more fire oriented build has more useful talents in the lower/mid tiers.

    If you want to PvP, don't do FFB, it takes too long to cast and if it gets interrupted you may as well just bend over and get it done quick.

    If you want PvE, you should really go more toward the fire side - or switch your main nuke to frostbolt and get empowered FrB.

    I havn't tested with arcane yet - but i hear that does pretty well in pve and we already know arcane is pretty uber for pvp.

    If you don't like arcane I would go deep frost and maybe put some points in arcane for a mix pvp/pve build.

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    Re: Elemental ...Dead?

    Lol i sorry that spec i linked was wrong both of them what i ment to link was




    this is For Pvp perspective sorry for then confusion

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    Re: Elemental ...Dead?


    This is a much more optimized spec for pvp. Has mana refunds on crits, more slow, better survivability and besides; winter´s chill and improved scorch doesn't stack. If you go into the frost tree, you will find enough possibilities to crit. It works with FFB as a primary nuke, so you can use those FB talents elsewhere. 2,5 vs. 3 secs. cast isn't that much, if you know how to blink you opponent dizzy. You also get 11% bonus damage to FFB, inc. 100% increased crit bonus damage and 40% of the spellcrit from the ignite talent. You have your scorch to play with, if you haven't got 3 secs..
    Improved CoC is a must too. Don't know why frost mages skip this one?? 35% extra damage for a spell you use quite often only benefits. Makes the spell much more worth (inc. the +6% spellcrit to CoC in incineration)

    Go for it!

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