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    Prisms Deck for a SP?

    hi, i play a shadow priest. I have kinda good gear but whas wondering if its worth getting Prisms Deck? i kinda lack spell power and have alot of crit and i know Essence of spider is an option but im tired of farming naxx 10 for it and it never drop.. and Prisms deck is 100 spell power which is pretty nice.

    the trinket i would change it for is Extract of Necromantic Power (if i now decide to change).

    unbuffed i have 22% crit and 1800 spell power (still going around with blue MH-.- im very lucky with drops ...not).

    so what you think 100 spell power vs 95 crit rating (is around 1,5% crit) and chance on DoT dmg to do around 1500 dmg (dont proc that often last KT 25man it procced 16 times thats around 31k dmg which whas 1,2% of my total dmg on KT)

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    Re: Prisms Deck for a SP?

    Its ok for a low end trinket, especially if you can pick it up on the cheap.

    However i would suggest getting hit capped first, 288.5 ...there is a easy to get trinket out of Heroic VH that can help you on the way that pairs nicely witht he badge trinket for the time being till you can pick up more hit elsewhere.

    : edit : didn't armory you =P
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    Re: Prisms Deck for a SP?

    Extract > Prisms Deck

    As far as I know.

    You should post your armory, or at least the other trinkiet you have, and how you are hit caped.

    The emblem trinkiet is pro, one of the best in slot for SP.

    The hit trinkiets are very popular to reach hit cap (the one from VH untill you get the one from Naxx25 *dying curse*).

    The Prisms Deck is not worth it imo. I would take Extract over it any day.

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