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    57/3/11 Rotation

    So what rotation show we go for
    i think A-blast A-barrage till we get a missle proc before we go for it we do 1 more A-blast for the extra dmg ?

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    Re: 57/3/11 Rotation

    Seriously, there's a new "57/3/11" threat every fucking day. Can't you just gather the info in one single?

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    Re: 57/3/11 Rotation

    lurk moar

    how about google, ej ?

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    Re: 57/3/11 Rotation

    the rotation should be ABx3 then AM but you need to Abarr after the 4th missile, i know you actually want to clip the end of AM, that way you get the damage buff from AB on the 4 missile of AM and the Abarr, although i am still not sure if you do that for MB AM procs, my guess is no.

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