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    Mod help

    anyone know a good mod to see when brain freeze procs?

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    Re: Mod help

    I use Mik's Scrolling Battle Text, and it works awesome.

    It shows nearly all procs, from Hot Streaks to Brain Freeze, passing by Fingers of Frost or Execute, Revenge, Overpower, etc...

    Works for Health-based, Time-based, or %-Based skills.

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    Re: Mod help

    Pow Aura is great for all proc notifications. You can't find it through a google search, but it's available on Curse.

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    Re: Mod help

    magefever is a great mod that gives you a box (translucent) with the name of the proc every time the ability procs. you can position the box wherever you want. i use it all the time for arcane, never miss a proc

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