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    Lvl 45 Mage - Need spec gear advice

    Hi Folks,

    I just started playing at Christmas time. I have BC as well as WoLK.
    So far I have spec'd only in Fire and I wear all gear that is "of Fiery Wrath".
    I have Herbalism and Skinning as my Professions, both at 300.
    I have about 500g to spend on new gear.
    I watched the "In Frost we Trust" video and have read a bunch of post about how great AOE grinding is with Frost spec.
    I did some quests at Rigger's Cove in Tanaris yesterday and remembered reading that it was a favorite spot for AOE.
    So, should I respec for Frost? Can I get a link to a talent build that will allow me to AOE effectively?
    What gear do I need to wear for AOE spec?
    Lastly, I have ZERO interest in any form of PvP. I am solely focused on getting this character to lvl 80.
    I am really interested in hearing about gear recommendations for leveling.
    Every post I read talks about how to gear for raids at 80 or for various PvP scenarios.

    Thanks for your help!

    Petrangel - Human Mage - Lightbringer

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    Re: Lvl 45 Mage - Need spec gear advice


    Check that post out, it has sections on leveling and everything else you can think of
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    Re: Lvl 45 Mage - Need spec gear advice

    gear, especially casters, is carebears rly

    spec, play one you'll enjoy basicly
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    Re: Lvl 45 Mage - Need spec gear advice

    Don't spend your gold!! You wil level out of it fairly soon and it is a waste. Save it for later Like your Epic Riding mount, Epic Flying Mount, Could Weather flying. That list is like 7K in gold. Worry about buying gear at 80

    I hear that Frost is best leveling, but I leveled my Mage fire all the way. If this is your first time through, play what you enjoy, and don't race through the game. Welcome to Warcrack
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    Re: Lvl 45 Mage - Need spec gear advice

    Unless you're twinking spending don't waste that much money for gear that'll last you a couple of levels.

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    Re: Lvl 45 Mage - Need spec gear advice

    OK, I would recommend you wait until outlands (where your gear will be all +damage anyways) when you get frost lance to respec.

    Without this spell frost really does not have its bread and butter.

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    Re: Lvl 45 Mage - Need spec gear advice

    Don't blow a lot of gold on gear. Try to have some gear within at least 20 levels of your current level, just running quests should help with that.

    Stay away from the Auction House as much as you can *note, selling is fine, sell the stuff cheap as not to risk having to relist the item.

    Save as much gold as you can, your first mount is dirt cheap, your next one will cost you about 700 Gold. Your flying mount at 70 will cost you about 900 and your Epic Flyer 5200

    As far as the Epic flyer goes, do you need it no. Is it worth 5200 gold HELL YES IT IS! Don't let anyone tell you different. Do the math yourself 160% in the air VS. 380% in the air. At 77 you will also need 1000G to get Arctic Flying.

    Leveling spec for a mage, I have done this twice what I have found to work best is:

    Go frost
    Your objective is to kill things as fast as you can, with out dieing. Go for talents that will increase your damage first. I myself would go for talents in this order on the frost tree.

    Improved Frostbolt x5
    Elemental Precision x3 (damage means NOTHING if you can't hit the target)
    Ice Shards x3
    Improved Blizzard x3 (let the AoE madness Begin)
    Piercing Ice x3
    Shatter x3 (core frost mage talent)
    Icy Veins
    Frost Bite x3 (Start going for, what I call, gravy talents)
    Perma Frost x3
    Arctic Reach x2

    After this, decide how to do the rest of your tree. For leveling I reccomend the build below, it is also a pretty decent PvP build as well.

    I would also strongly recommend the following glyphs:
    Glyph of Evocation (It adds a good amount of healing to Evocation)
    Glyph of Frost Nova (Froze targets stay frozen after 20% more damage).
    Glyph of Slowfall (As a mage you can take a lot of short cuts with Slow Fall)

    Some general rules for the mage class:

    AoE is most effective from a good distance. Gather the mobs together in a nice tight group. (mounted if you have one) Freeze the targets, get the hell away from them and walk them to you with Blizzard. If they reach you, Cone of Cold, Frostnova, regain distance repeat. If you decide to AoE grind, find mobs of about the same level that have no or little ranged attacks, snares or binds.

    As a mage your goal is to do MAX DPS, while avoiding damage and not pulling aggro from the Tank (in groups).

    Don't melee. You don't want to be one of these retarded mages whom stand there and get hit while trying to cast a ranged spell. Nova them, get the hell away. If you don't I will look for you. I will find you. And I will kill you!

    Hit and run tactics at an early level are fine. CC the mobs, destroy 1 or 2, run away, repeat till the group is dead.

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