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    Not sure what to spec with current gear

    Well, after respeccing quite a bit and practicing rotations on target dummies I am really not sure what spec to stay with. Up to patch 3.08 I was 0/40/31 and I can do 4.2-4.4k dps on patchwerk with that spec in 25 mans. Not sure if my gear is capable of higher dps. I tried affliction on target dummies but I can't seem to get the rotation right and I am afraid to be staring at my dottimer during raids. I am an avid reader of these forums and was wondering if I could get some advice.
    With my current gear what is the best demo/destro or destro spec for me? I know my crit is low but when I was specced 0/40/31 crit was not an issue because of talents so I grabbed haste gear. My current glyphs are COA, Immo, and Conflag.

    Here is my armory, any and all constructive advice is appreciated http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...gall&n=Quantar

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    Re: Not sure what to spec with current gear


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    Re: Not sure what to spec with current gear

    Try full destro, see how that works for you. It got buffed quite a bit with this last patch and it's nowhere near as difficult as affliction is. You won't even need to change your glyphs.


    I was 0/31/40 before the patch, but I find this spec to be quite enjoyable, and it does better damage. I've got roughly the same stats as you (more crit and less haste, and a little more spellpower).

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    Re: Not sure what to spec with current gear

    Can anyone else offer any suggestions?

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    Re: Not sure what to spec with current gear

    After spending some time on these forums, you'll notice that they die down about an hour and a half ago. But don't get discouraged, there will probably be plenty of replies in the morning!

    I have no experience with destro other than my 2 month sb spam period before the xpac rolled out. But from what I read on the EJ forums, current deep destro is fairing better than the 41/30 demo/destro hybrid. I just jumped to the last 3 pages since those were post patch.

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