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    "Mirage" combo

    Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem I'm having.

    Last night in naxx, my mirage combo was working perfectly. Hitting barrage on the 4th missle and getting the 60% dmg buff.

    However, in my 4 heroics today, not once did the 60% buff get applied to the barrage. I did nothing different to what I have been doing the past few days, latency was the same as last night, yet now for some unknown reason it just isn't working for me.


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    Re: "Mirage" combo

    Yes, this was posted before that

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    Re: "Mirage" combo

    Ya mages were actually topping damage meters and we all know from BC that the only ones allowed to do that are Locks and rogues. Dont worry Blizzard will finish up nerfing Ret Pallies, mages and probably hunters very soon so Rogues and Locks can resume their position.

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