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    Best DPS Build Raiding 3.0.8?

    Hello there,

    Im new on mmo-champion, atleast at the forums, and i am a bit confused about wich spec is the best DPS output on raids (and raids only, no trash incl).

    I see allot of different builds,i have been trying 55/0/16 , 41/30, 31/40, 28/43 and full destro, always with the right rotations etc wich gets me 3.5k - 4k dps with full t7.5 and some random naxx stuff.

    Now i noticed that with those builds i tested give the almost same DPS output, when i compare this to some of my friends (also warlocks ofc) wich have the same stats i have (sometimes of all even less) and i do like 500-1000 dps less DPS then them while i have beter stats, and i dont know where or why this comes from.

    The only different from my friends is that i use an alchemist stone and he is using a dying curse or the other one (spellpower), but this couldnt be the 500-1000 dps right?

    So im wondering, after patch 3.0.8 what do you think is the best talent build for max DPS on raids (no trash) and what is the best rotation for that build?

    Thnx and Cheers!

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    Re: Best DPS Build Raiding 3.0.8?

    All specs right now will put out competitive DPS, providing you know your rotations and are properly talented/spec'd. Yes, affliction will do the best DPS in terms of mathematics, but many people believe the rotation you have to use is not worth the headache just for a few hundred increase in DPS, myself included. Considering there are no raid bosses in this game atm that are DPS-checks, this is a good argument.

    As for your DPS, I really can't try to pinpoint the problem unless you provide a link to your armory and I look at your talents/stats.

    BTW, this is my first post here as well.

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    Re: Best DPS Build Raiding 3.0.8?


    Learn the rotation, Learn the style, practice of dummies, Make sure ur hit capped

    The rotation is not even that bad, its seriously very simple and just takes a few times to get right and in moments you'll get it without even taking notice.

    So far 5.6k dps on patchwerk is my highest so far (No moonkin in the raid either).
    Dropped an infernal and popped 1 or 2 speed potions.

    Related to other destro/demo specs, the rotation is easy and comfortable but take some time, read the forums, browse elitisjerks and have a practice.

    Is still topping meters.
    Wait till Ulduar longer fights.


    My armory incase you wanted to see gear lvl on terms towards the gear i aimed for affliction.

    Another thing ....
    Take a look at

    It was a post i made a while ago reguarding towards affliction and got some great answers and replies from people which gave me confidence.
    Take a read, and look at the links provided as well

    Affliction FTW

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    Re: Best DPS Build Raiding 3.0.8?

    I'm running 0/20/51
    I do 2700+ on Boss dummy, and that was with 289 hit ( I rely on our spriest to show up lol ). New destro buffs made it really fun to play imo, and if you like nuking I would definetly suggest you use that. Managing your imp is still a bitch tho, so gotta bind that follow key

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    Re: Best DPS Build Raiding 3.0.8?

    The thing with Aff locks is for maximum dps you cant let your DoT's fall off your target or you get gimped dps.

    Fights like Patchwerk and Thaddius were meant for a aff warlock, not much moving around.

    The other fights are were issues start, currently in destro its a 5 spell rotation and 2 are on CD, and easy to start back up if something happens.

    Also skill comes into play, a destro rotation is comparable DPS to afflication but not quite equal with perfect rotations over a matter of time, if you have trouble keeping up all DoT's and not letting any fall off and timing your SB's correctly between your cast of Immo and Haunt, or Haunt and CoA, then go with aff, otherwise if you have trouble, or for fights where you move alot more and might mess up your rotation, go with destruction.

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    Re: Best DPS Build Raiding 3.0.8?

    Not to get neglected, affliction is more independant. We can control how we regain both hp/mana while deep destro is RNG. We can (if we can take the extra threat) pretty much relieve healers in any AOE fight by healing the AOE damage ourselves. We would still need healing for the lifetaps tho.

    Everyone enjoy big numbers on crits, so do I. Still I would pick affliction any day cos it demand more skill and its hell of a fun to press 3945634858252 keys in a fight.
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