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    ref rotation (again sorry )

    ok this is not yet another thread about the rotation ,, but more about getting the best out of it ..
    ok the q i would like to ask is, is it better to let my mind flay finish before i re-put my dots up or just use mind flay as a stop-gap on dps ( as in ,all dots are up so use mind flay , but as im casting it one dot comes off cooldown ,do i let the mind flay finish before i re-apply the dot or just cast the dot right away then back to mind flay ??

    sorry if this seems a silly thing to ask , but im new'ish to raiding as shadow priest and have looked at other posts but can not find an answer

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    Re: ref rotation (again sorry )

    Refreshing DoTs promptly always takes priority. Most of your DPS improvement will come from reducing VT downtime/reducing VT tick clips.

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    Re: ref rotation (again sorry )

    Quote Originally Posted by Sausagefan
    VT tick clips.
    not sure what you meen by clips /clipping

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    Re: ref rotation (again sorry )

    Quote Originally Posted by billynomates
    not sure what you meen by clips /clipping
    Refreshing before its duration has run, meaning you miss the last tick of damage with it, and it's now 2 (or 3, can't remember) seconds before you get the first tick from the re-cast.
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    Re: ref rotation (again sorry )

    thanks you 2 for your replies , wil do it this way from now on

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    Re: ref rotation (again sorry )

    Keep DoTs up all the time, MB as soon as it comes off CD, MF when the former is done.

    A formula to work out how much of the fight you have your DoT's up is: Number of ticks*3/duration of fight (in seconds)*100. Ie 16*3/120*100 = 40% uptime on that DoT. Do this after a fight to see if you need to work on keep your DoT's up.

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    Re: ref rotation (again sorry )

    You can get a special texture for Quartz, to show when it clips


    [img width=580]http://www.twilight-wizard.net/public/media/twilight-ui-090109.jpg[/img]

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    Re: ref rotation (again sorry )

    I still really like your ui nez

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    Re: ref rotation (again sorry )

    how did you get that clip line to come out on your quartz

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