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    Ritual of Summoning

    Warlock (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)

    * Ritual of Summoning no longer has a 2 minute cooldown and will now function as intended.

    Still not working as intended as of today.
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    Still has a 2 min CD and does'nt create a ritual that can summon multiple people

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    Re: Ritual of Summoning


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    Re: Ritual of Summoning

    lol fail....

    today = tomorrow = wednesday

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    Re: Ritual of Summoning

    I'm so glad they can do all of these stupid changes that don't affect anyone, but can't fix Summon. Way to go blizzard, just delete warlocks already so we don't sit hear waiting for you to do something.
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    Re: Ritual of Summoning

    just got my stone to work to 27th on mannoroth.... so i assume its up an working

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    Re: Ritual of Summoning

    it still has the cool down on the tool tip and dotimer will register the cooldown in effect until the spell is done then theres no more cooldown, they fixed it

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    Re: Ritual of Summoning

    Please be aware of the following:
    The Warlock Ritual of Summoning was corrected in two stages. The first stage you patched with 3.0.8a and the second stage was applied via a hotfix. It should now be functioning correctly. Please feel free to let us know if there are any further issues.

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    Re: Ritual of Summoning


    Topic's done.
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