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    Amplify Target / Rawr

    I'm exploring rawr seeing the buffs increase my dps, and i found one i have and normaly dont use in raids, amplify magic, this can give me 255 spell power? dont understand why increase my dps. the idea isnt increasing only healers class i mean.?

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    Re: Amplify Target / Rawr

    So, you are serious asking this? (honestly)? ??? :P :-\

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    Re: Amplify Target / Rawr

    It only affects healing and damage done to you, not from you.

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    Re: Amplify Target / Rawr

    This is why Blizzard makes WoW so easy.

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    Re: Amplify Target / Rawr

    Quote Originally Posted by Gilian
    This is why Blizzard makes WoW so easy.
    For your information i play wow 5 years, and i know its healing, but with spell power change, i thinked have some bug or something, and read in some forums that. Then just get confused with rawr and the comments i read in some forums, and just asked for get more opnions abou that. simple.

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