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This simply is not true. If I tap at 50% boss health then I am trading sb time for tap time. If I tap at 20% boss health then I am trading ds time for tap time. If I run out of mana at an inconvenient point in my rotation then I am trading time that I should be refreshing DoTs/Haunt for time spent life tapping. Your analysis assumes that the opportunity cost of life tapping is constant throughout a fight, which is not the case.

What IS true is that ending the fight with >0 mana is a dps loss because it means you should have tapped less.
I would have to agree with this statement as well. If you wait until oom to tap, you run a case of tapping during a burn phase with bloodlust up. Tapping during bloodlust will cost you more dps (especially since you will potentially be using DS).

When its close to 35%, I would ensure I have enough mana to last the duration of the bloodlust coming at 30% rather than find myself tapping a GCD when i could have had a 10k SB during that time.

Ultimately, having zero mana when the boss drops IS optimal so that remains to be true. I rather have control of when I can tap rather than allowing RNG to decide when I should be tapping (taking into account trinkets, procs, bloodlust, boss health %)