I started 10/25man as FFB, due to semi blue/epic(BoE) gear right after 80 ding 2 weeks ago (just recently started playing again). I was hitcaped (thanks to VH trinket) but had bad gear, so went FFB.
Got better gear, and foremost higher crit, and went FB(18/51) right after 3.0.8 hit, I actually like this specc on bosses, its a fun rotation imo, and ive always prefered fire since those long frostnights in MC and BWL...

Now, im looking at some insane DPS in stratagy-vids and similiar, and all those "6.5k+ dps" vids, discussions and such, lures me, as im not reaching more then say 3.8-4.2 depening slightly on proc's and such, and the length of the fight (As in, short fight lucky proc obviously slightly higher dps...).

Currently STILL not full epic, not that close tbh, not even full lvl 80 gear. I still have the BoE Tailorhat Hat of Wizardry doom, Black Diskweave leggings (1 HoL HC / day for 14 days....), Iceshriekers touch for wand and the VH trinket for hitrating. Now, with this and gems (crit-gemmed), im 1600 spelldmg, 30.8% firecrit (with molten armor, without accounting for scorch, FB glyph etc), and LOW hasterating of 241, obviously hitcaped, I got 2 epics I can rotate for hit or crit, but I can go 289, 368 or even 446 loosing crit for hit, if I "wanto".

In some whereabouts, where does the arcane flip happen? I cannot see seriously high dps with such low spelldamage, tbh. Obviously, it would go up by re-gemming, but not by miles to what I want (2k unbuffed enough?).

Whats your take?