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    Does power word shield crit?

    I know the power word shield heal ghyph crits, does shield absorb more when it does?

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    Re: Does power word shield crit?

    No but I think divine aegis might proc from the crit but that would be like 300 more absorb I think
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    Yes, it does.
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    Yes it does, at least for Discipline. Unsure about Holy or Shadow.


    Divine Aegis gives it the ability. (Not technically a crit, but it is treated as such. It goes based on your crit chance and absorbs double when it procs.)

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    Well... It didn't in 2009...

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    It does since the 5.2 changes.

    Also, you mentioned the glyph of PW:S, in case you are using it, you shouldn't be. Absorbs > Heals, the glyph will most likely result in mostly overhealing.
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    Questions I have about Glyphed PW:S...

    What happens when shield crits? Does it work like Smite crits and proc a DA?

    What happens when shield AND glyph crit? Wouldn't that be more absorb due to DA?

    Does mastery affect the glyph heal (ie. double dipping)?

    Haven't ever used the glyph myself this expac. Gonna play around later today, but if anybody knows these answers off-hand...

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    Closing thread.
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