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    malygos tips

    hi guys, yesterday my guild downed malygos for the first time ever
    now it was a very close call, he died with 5 sec left on enrage timer.

    now i tanked it. o i do like they do it on tankspot and kite him around the circle to let the sparks cros the middle.
    tough our fury warr and lock had to hold mack on damage a bit to not overaggro, due to the 50% extra damage, and me having to move around so no death and decay.
    any tips on better aggro for that fight? or maybe its just my spec i dont know.

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    Re: malygos tips

    if you are having threat issues, are your rogues and hunters rotating threat direction on you?

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    Re: malygos tips

    not sure about the rogue, good call

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    Re: malygos tips

    It depends, if you get double sparks early on you'll probably have aggro issues, but if not you ought to be ok, though as stated theres not much reason to not have hunters always misdirecting, and even rogues too.

    Also, you can use DKs to death grip sparks rather than dragging him around.. makes it easier

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