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    Bloodlust and spriest's

    I'm sure its been answered by someone already but just wondering if for a shadowpriest it is better to just spam mindflay w/ dots during bloodlust? or is keeping the priority system or reg "rotation" better?

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    Re: Bloodlust and spriest's

    The rotation is as important as ever. Use your Wild Magic potions during Bloodlust, but if you do, you may want to consider if you have to refresh your two dots strait after or not.

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    Re: Bloodlust and spriest's

    I still put up dots, but I don't ever think about cliping MF, just to make things clear.

    MF vs MB = this I would like to know myself. MB is caped at 1s cast, while MF is a <0.6s tick...

    Wild Magic at Bloodlust is very sexy TBH, much better then saving the pot for Speed Potion.

    Maybe smarter people will tell you more, TBH I'm not realy sure what to do during BL, usualy I end up refreshing VT and spaming MF like mad, poping MB when it's off cooldown (slacking with it tho). Usualy I don't refresh DP. Some Hardcore Theorycrafting woudl be needed for this kind of question.

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    Re: Bloodlust and spriest's

    Refreshing DoTs stay alpha and omega

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    Re: Bloodlust and spriest's

    Pain is refreshed by MF so we don't need to worry about that. VT and DP are huge damage. Letting them drop to cast maybe 1 more MF during the cast time and GCD of the two spells doesn't seem like it's worth it.

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