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    cooldown notification addon?

    OK, I have seen some movies where mages get big flashy icons pop up in the middle of the screan when blink or nova go off cooldown, stuff like that. I need something like that and can't find anything I like... Never needed it before, since for shadow I do fine with a standard dot timer and a lot of practice, but I need this for Disc PvP :/

    I would like it to show me when stuff like: ProM, Penence, PI etc are off cooldown.

    Would be nice if it could show me when Weakened Soul fades as well, but I'm probably asking for to much and slacking big time :P

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    Re: cooldown notification addon?

    Power Auras ^^

    you are not asking for too much this little thingy does exactly what you want and more
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    Re: cooldown notification addon?

    Ghostpulse is another.

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    Re: cooldown notification addon?


    and no, its not only for warlocks

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    Re: cooldown notification addon?

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    Re: cooldown notification addon?

    PowerAura's is indeed a sweet addon. It will do this with ease. It has a VERY elegant interface, supports watching buffs and debuffs on you AND your target, and you can assign sounds to occur when they appear/disappear.

    It can also watch for spells/abilities to become castable/usable.

    I even set ti it make a sound when I target something that deos NTO have a certain debuff on it (like my scorch) then run around Northrend spamming the "rare" macro. When I get a hit, the target will not have my debuff and i get a nice audible confirmation.

    Extremely customizable with custom graphics, sounds and lord knows what else... enjoy!

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    Re: cooldown notification addon?

    I prefer ClassTimer combined with Mik's Scrolling Battle Text

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    Re: cooldown notification addon?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    I prefer ClassTimer combined with Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
    Actually, I use all 3 of them (MSBT, Classtimer and Jim's).

    As a Holy Paladin Classtimers serves as Beacon Timer, Sacred Shield Timer and for pre-planning Seal and Judgement re-casts.

    MSBT i use for text-based notifications for abilities that come off cooldown in a "general information area" of my UI.

    Jim's is mostly relevant for Divine Plea - when I'm watching the raid-UI I can see DP coming off cooldown out of the corner of my eye.

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    Re: cooldown notification addon?

    If you can only get one add on to help you in this area I would recommend Scrolling Battle Text. It's massively configurable and you can have any cooldown notification you want appear anywhere you need on your screen. It's also extremely helpful to you show you notifications of enemy players buffs.

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    Re: cooldown notification addon?

    Wow, thanks, this is all great! I will try them all tomorow and chose what is best for my needs.

    You guys are the best

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