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    Re: Shadowpriest 3.1

    If other classes can claim to have more than one pvp spec, so can we.

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    Re: Shadowpriest 3.1

    * Shadow priest PvP survivability has been improved: Shadow Form now reduces magic as well as physical damage. Dispersion now removes snares.

    If those are all the shadow changes for 3.1, NOTHING will change.
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    Re: Shadowpriest 3.1

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrostemplar
    Mages come in several shapes. The survival one - frost - is quite powerful because of the pet and survivability. It will be - actually already is - the premier mage PVP spec.

    Arcane is currently the FOTM mage PVP spec, strong on 1v1 (due to the 41 talent point) and the extremely high burst they can put out once in a few minutes (used to be 3, not sure anymore). Bound not to last, and not all that good in group fights.

    On the other hand, fire and FFB mages (later being the most common PVE spec) are probably as much as a free kill as one can become.

    Question is, are you as a priest specced for PVP? Is shadow a PVP spec?

    is this post supposed to be serious?

    Currently playing as disc, but got glad as shadow in s1 and s2 (inactive on priest s3 and s4, armor penetration sucked for us anyway).

    So yeah shadow has always been a viable pvp spec when played correctly and with the correct partners (holy paladin/affl lock/spriest in 3v3, afll lock/sp in 2v2).

    Ofc so is disc, but I'm really against the idea of forcing a priest into a healing spec because their damage spec shouldnt be pvp orientated. They both should be viable at least, or even good...
    At the moment i'm happy as a holy paladin, disc priest or dk. Plan is to go disc once my partners lvl their prevous mains .z

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