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    Vert Pitrbull [email protected]#!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ishtara
    Tossing more eye candy out there for feedback.

    Still playing with these vertical Uf's before building a Ui around them.

    Targeting a player in IF

    Actually killing something

    New screen shot for my gradient frames. Playing with a little opacity on these UF's too.

    Targeting a player in IF

    Ishtara I am sorry I know I am about to beat a dead horse but I need your help! How did you get your frames to fill vertically.. I have edited the lua and changed all instances of horizontal to vertical and I also edited the statusbar.tga and flippoed it from 256x32 to 32x256. These are the only suggestions I could dig up and they have not worked. So I know you probably get asked a lot but please explain to me how you were able to make vertical bars in pitbull that also fill vertiucally instead of left to right. Thank you very much.

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    Re: Vert Pitrbull [email protected]#!

    not to derail you or change focus... but have you tried using the underhood addon? i have created vert pitbull frames but found them kinda tedious and enjoy the underhood setup much more on my warlock alt.

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    Re: Vert Pitrbull [email protected]#!

    On the "Location" drop down for the bar... set them to "Left" or "Right" instead of "Center".
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    Re: Vert Pitrbull [email protected]#!

    What Taryble said :P

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