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    0,2% on Horridon HC

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    We had a 27.7k wipe to H-Garry a few weeks ago. The raid leader called a wipe at like 15% because somebody bursted the Malice and even though some people killed themselves, a few tried to finish the encounter. It was sad.

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    1% wipe on Heroic Garrosh. Had the kill in our hands, had just finished a bombardment, and everything was going perfectly...had everybody alive too! Then the Malice goes on the one person in our raid who was getting disconnected at the time. Q.Q

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    0.3% wipe on N10 Garrosh. About 700k health or so.
    Now, normal mode doesn't matter that much. But it was to be my first kill and it was heartbreaking, plus, guild was going through serious shit and we were about to disband. Luckily, I got the kill the week after that.

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    had so many low % wipes.. not sure what to pick.
    But one who stand out among the rest whould be Firefighter 25man. 2 parts dead and the thrid lowest part on 2% when the head healed back up :< I think it was the most dissapointing souldraining wipe ive ever experienced. Ppl went from superexciited to completly devestated. Close but no cigarr...
    Thou once we downed the boss a day later the nerdscreams were just the louder

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    Yep....Leotheras the Blind for my guild. Apparently, 1% wipes on him were fairly common. If I remember correctly, we just barely downed him (about half the raid dead, and the remaining were dropping like flies) the first time we killed him.

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    i prefer kills with one man left standing. Had severals back in the day with only a bubbled paladin+dots killed the last 0.1% of the boss.

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    1%? My ex guild and I wiped at 0.028% (yes, not kidding)

    Heroic vizier 10man when the content was new. Boss had over 100million hp and we wiped at 34k hp. Thats 34000 hp.

    If its not one of the lowest wipe % in the history of wow i dont know what is. Ill check around for the screenshot I took

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teph View Post
    i prefer kills with one man left standing. Had severals back in the day with only a bubbled paladin+dots killed the last 0.1% of the boss.
    My resto druid was the last man/Tauren standing for my guilds Kaz'rogal progression kill back in TBC, well as long as you don't count Thrall. After everybody started dyeing off I ducked outta range (and by ducked I mean ran halfway across the zone to get out of that asshole's debuff range) to regen mana, than ran back in and healed the shit outta Thrall. Thrall took the remaining 8% of the boss's hp like a champ. Finished the fight with Thrall at like 100hp and my GM asking when my rebirth was off cd since those were the good ole days of Druids not having a normal res spell. I asked if I got to keep all the loot since I killed the boss without them, lol.

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    1.1% on Sha of Fear when everyone had a huge lagspike with chat still functioning. Moments later everyone was dead, the boss wasn't. Pist.

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    That'll break your heart.
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    it wasnt really a wipe, but the night before the ulduar patch when the immortal title was removed, someone died to one of those traps on kel'thuzad sub-5% on what would have been an immortal run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teph View Post
    i prefer kills with one man left standing. Had severals back in the day with only a bubbled paladin+dots killed the last 0.1% of the boss.
    My guild's first Heroic Iron Juggernaut kill had one survivor. And we were one second over the enrage timer. That's the closest kill I've ever experienced, could so easily have been a wipe!

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    One time back in like the second or 3rd week of wrath my guild wiped on heigan at fucking 900 hp x.x
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    Garrosh 25 heroic, wiped at 10 million. Myself and one of the other malice 4 soakers died as it finished and although our GM called to ress us immediately, no one did. The second guy was ressed about 30 seconds after we both died and got the malice debuff as he got up, and as there was only one person next to him (the guy who ressed him), It wiped the raid. If only we were alive, eh?

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    10.9% wipe heroic lich king back in the day was by far the worst in my entire raid career

    more recently? the sub 1% wipes on heroic lei shen

    fuck that boss

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    There's been so many. Generally, whenever it's a melee boss, tank goes down, I evasion tanked for last 3%, pop prep & evasion tank some more, vanish and rofldps while everyone else tanks, 1% wipe. :'(
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    The week after our first H Sha kill, we were struggling to kill him again. After an entire night of attempts, we managed to have a 1% wipe but no kill. It was extremely frustrating since we had killed him already the week prior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Numidia View Post

    .2% on heroic garrosh, 2-3 nights before our kill. The difference between US 14th and 17th.
    How is that even possible? Massive failure of malice?

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    Just had 3 back to back 0% wipes on heroic shamans. Each reset with less than a mil hp left.

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