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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Violet Hold HC daily, random party we wiped on Cyanigosa at 655 health left....

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    This may not be a 1% wipe, but... 10 Man Malygos, full 10 people going strong, about to finish second phase with about 5 minutes left... then something goes wrong... horribly horribly wrong... Malygos decides to bug and COME DOWN AND START MELEEING EVERYONE STILL STANDING ON THE PLATFORM(AKA Not on the disks) We moved to phase 3 with 3-4 people and promptly got butt fucked.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Quote Originally Posted by Kielet
    Back in sunwell, it was already after patch that nerfed bosses and added wotlk talents.

    Felmyst, air phase, exactly 8k hp left :]
    Actually alot worser is: getting felmyst to 1hp in start of the airphase. and then not living trough the airphase due to overwhelming of the skeletons... which happened to us.

    for ppl who don't know: falmyst can't be killed in air phase so she is stuck at 1hp.
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    yesterday @ grand widdow, the last add ( we where like half dead group) had 800 hp with sephent sting ticking, everyone was like NO NO NO ( cause if she would go mr frenzy we would whipe without that last add XD)

    the ticking stoped at 202 hp,

    Glad we didnt kill it

    oh wait this is worst wipes :\

    how about vancleef back in the days of vanilla that you didnt brought nor a tank or a healer to a dungeon.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Vanilla, realm race to 1st Ragnaros kill between my alliance guild and a horde guild.

    We wiped on below 1% and 20 seconds later the horde guild got the realm first kill

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Oh well, I think my guild mastered the art of wiping at 1% since the very first day...

    Worst I think was wiping 3 times at 1% Vael... Heck, everybody was so pissed in Vent... ^^

    Or yesterday, PuG Naxxramas (on a really crap server, RP lololol -.-), loatheb: 2 Wipes at 2% and 2 on 1%... horrible ^^

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    raid-firstkill... or not ...
    warlock overnuked at 1% and the whole raid got cleaved ...
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    1%? Try zero. 10naxx, Ke'thuzad. First try of the evening. I don't remember the exact hp, but I remember staring at a 0% on his frame ><

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Quote Originally Posted by eil
    Ragnaros pre-BWL in what would have been our guild-first kill.
    Same here

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Chromaggus. When BWL was released it was kinda hard to kill him under 30 minutes. It was a long fight and when you wipe at low percentages it's hard on you...

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Bloodboil pre 3.0, a good chunk of the night was spent on him back when wipe nights were the norm and this one try, i swear everything went perfect and still that elusive 1% got away from us. it was the best night of raiding i've ever experienced, we'd only had some controlled tries on him before that night. i think that was the only 1% we had.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Archimonde 1% wipe

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Al'ar prenerf - too many ads and missed taunt on Melt Armor...

    Kel'Thuzad 25man - two tanks taunting one of four adds from each other, while one add killed 3 healer's. GG tanks wiped at 40k hp.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Not exactly at 1%, but still very low...
    Twin Emperors, day of the first kill.

    First our MT pops recklessness instead of shieldwall cause he forgot he had swapped stances to execute (he was a bit like that).
    Pull after the same MT pops a free action potion (made you immune and drop aggro) instead of stoneshield potion.

    A bit more recently we had a really laggy day in naxx, at 5% on Gluth everyone just stopped moving and when the lag spike wore off gluth had devoured all the zombies who were decimated.
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    1% on Volasj after nuking him to almost zero health within first insanity. And the other one was when we tried Malygos 25 for the first time we wiped at 1%, jesus.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Did naxx25 last night, was going with 20 man for achievements, but we went all the way to KT without anyone dieing..
    Then at 5% our add tank dies And there did our Immortal fly away !

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    PreBC and BC my guild definitely mastered the art of 1% wipes. Probably happened at least once on every boss in MC / BWL / AQ40. Kael in TK was annoying. Some bad weres C'thun, like many have had happened apparently And once on the Twin Emps, that was frustrating since it was such a long fight.

    I think our worst was when we were going for our 1st Nefarian kill. Back then he was a long long fight, and we got to him rather fast so we were not all decked in a lot of BWL gear. Our dwarf priest, and OTs had died at some point, and we were kind of running on fumes from the undead aoe frenzy. My zerker rage was on CD, and I got feared. This normally would have been okay, except for the fact I got feared through the short wall on his balcony, and after the fear ended, it caused him to position awkwardly since I was stuck, facing everyone that was left, and shadowflaming instantly D:< It was sad.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    During Wotlk I only had 2 so far, on our first Sartharion 25 when the raid didn't focus on adds anymore for last few % and the raid wiping at 30k hp. And yesterday at patchwerk because of 2 deads at start of fight. One gets combat ress after 1 minute, in the end Patchy enraged at 50k hp xD.

    I also clearly remember one of these Shade of Aran wipes at about 3-4% :P.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    When we were trying to do the 4 horseman achievement. (They all need to die within 15 seconds of each other)
    Everyone started dying at the end and I was the only one left with Zelik and I died when he had 7k hp left

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Its not exactly a 1% wipe, but back pre nerf my guild was doing kael'thas. It was a perfect, perfect kill. Got all the adds, weapons, and such down before the next wave even started. It gets down to 1-2% or so and the raid is feeling good. All of a sudden, the instance server crashes. Needless to say we were pissed
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