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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Last night. ToC 10 heroic. Anub'arak. 45 attempts left. Wiped on 16028 hp. Give me back my tribute to mad skill
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    30K wipe on koralon 10 man on the first attempt. one of the tanks died, got Brezzed, died again, other tank (me) died soon after, he despawned at 30K, OUT OF 4 FRICKING MILLION! that is like 10 crits more and we had it.

    we killed him afterwards tho.
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Never had any, since my guild wont give me raid spot due to the love for warlocks.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Quote Originally Posted by Captn
    Never had any, since my guild wont give me raid spot due to the love for warlocks.
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    25 Man Heroic Twin Valks
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    not really a wipe but we were doing The Undying last night and we had kel to 2% when the offtank dies from a void zone >.<

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    So, we were fighting this boss and he was on 1% but we wiped xD!

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    KT 25... He has 420hp left... 1 dot could've killed him but he reset right b4 it went off.... =P

    + Hawk in ZA. He was at 10k and everyone died but me. I am a Paladin healer. I ended up Bubling and took him out... Not a wipe but I got alot of Thank you for being pro messages the next day... Lolz.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    All before BC, at lvl 60:
    3xwipes in Onyxia at 1%
    And in the same guild, 3x1% in Vaelstrasz, the 4th only one holy paladin still alive, and finished him with a hammer of wrath while being in bubble.
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    By now wearing that sexy cloak though.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Nah, I meant we got Insanity (50) by now. 50+ is cloak and mount.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    hmm. propably back then when I was still horde ... ;D

    worst ones are propably when we had couple 1% wipes on ragnaros and once we almost failed on vael aswell.. he had like 1k hp.. good that our hunter managed to finish him with lucky raptor strike. ^^

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Over the weekend we were doing 10 man heroic Anub, we reached him with 48 attempts left. After a few silly wipes we got in a stunning efort but we managed to wipe withe boss having only 6.2k hp left >.<

    So should have taken a screenshot of that one, we all kinda tore our hair out.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Wiped on 10 man heroic Anub'arak with 1700 HP left, no joke.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Guild was running BT back in the day, had Mother Shahraz down to, no joke, like 10k health. Everyone is dead except a rogue - who evasion tanks to get a full combo point count - announces over vent as he's doing it that the bitch is going down (would have been our first kill). Goes to hit the finisher and his button slips off the bar (not locked down). He dies, wipe, and we had to wait another week to get her down. He never heard the end of it . . . .
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    i was healing a sarth + 3d zerg. very first attempt 3 dps die to a flame wall, so we dont down him before shadron lands. 2nd attempt, we clearly have it. then the tank gets 1 shot by a void zone. next thing i know im getting yelled at in vent because apparently i "suck at healing. if you were any good you could have kept me up thorugh that".

    i booted the tank, and we got it on the next attempt
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Doing Koralon-25 man on the first day, wiped at 0% after about 1 hour with a pug

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    First post here, saying hello to everyone, and the absolute saddest wipe I have ever seen. Koralon had just come out, I pugged a 25 group with a high end raiding guild on my server, wipe a few times, people are learning the fight no big deal. Bout... 5th try, I think it was, everything was going fine, few people dead, we can still do it. We were barely pulling off killing the adds, when our best rogue dps forgets to run over and help, and when Koralon is at literally TEN health, it explodes wiping the raid.

    Not a wipe, but damn funny, same thing's about to happen, my serpent sting tick goes off right as the raid wipes so we get him down anyways. :P
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