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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    during hard nights of progress, someone got aggro on 3-4 perc, cant remember now, he shifted into the second phase and then he switched back... got 8 adds and it led to a wipe on 1 % :P

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Quote Originally Posted by thescreensavers
    Archimonde 1% wipe

    quoted from vent

    "What noob did not moonfire?"
    Impossible, it's on a timer, not even a funny attempt.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    idd, was just about to post the same

    Archimonde just dies when timer is off... pre and post nerf it was like this, once you got him to 10% he went to drain from world tree and was done for one way or the other!

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Quote Originally Posted by Raistlin Majare
    Illidan. Tank couldnt get him into one of the traps so he enrages and wipes raid. Next try he enrages again and kills tank cause tank couldnt get him to trap. Hes at 10% at this time and he turn to me (Rogue).I manage to pop evasion in time and get him pulled into trap. After trap he one shots me and starts to transform into demon. Hes at 3% now and everyone is shouting over ventrilo. "Take him down, take him down." We get him and i get Chest piece as reward for preventing wipe and making us take him down for the first time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Judgementus
    Spider Wing, Naxx lvl 80.

    had Anub'Rekhan to 1% and was about 10k HP when the last paladins bubble was about to run out...with that the resto shaman pop'd back up and chainlighting'd then shocked his ass and processed to cast a lighting bolt and we killed the boss.

    A 1% wipe prevented due to a brave shaman not being scared of his repair bill!
    Lol this one time my guild totally killed some boss, that was the worst.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Vashj, 2900 hitpoints left. Tank and healer were going at it for about 5% i think it was XD.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Sarth3D , first night of learning last try before repops. We pull take Sarth down to a nice cheeky 89% or something (though i guess thats not really important). We had barely got Tenebron down in time before shadron was reaching the tank in all attempts but today seemed RNG and love was on our side. Tenebron was down before Shadron even reached the tank, We took Shadron down and then took the portal just for the sake of the healers, came out took Vesp down, Had lost maybe 7 or so just due to being numpties by now, so when Vesp was down only about 17 left. Was going fine as we took him down. The DK we used to tank him(pre DK nerf this is where they had the crazy cd's) died around 10%, he turned deep breathed a few melee but that was it. Still 8 or 9 alive, 2 healers, a tank and rest ranged. Tank grabbed him and turned him. Yelling on vent picked up. %'s kept ticking off , but the tank wasnt in his tank gear since we were short a person that night, he was using dps gear and damage was spiky. At 3% he died and the raid spread out to try ping pong sarth about as the dots ticked. When I died(think i was either last or 2nd last) Sarth was at 0.7% according to Omen. We called the raid after since the repops and was at raid end anyway. We did get him next day though, suprisingly on the last try of that evening too!

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    First try on supremus, was at 1% when we died.
    Another annoying one was at mother when me tank an one healer got teleported + lag spike, wipe.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    13 bosses done in naxx. no deaths.

    OT dead at 4% by ice shit and whipe at 1%
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Quite a old SS... <3 Wipe's in TBC

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe


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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    What about him?

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    wow.. got to 4 pages without ANYONE mentioning HUHURAN?

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Quote Originally Posted by Elkanen
    Impossible, it's on a timer, not even a funny attempt.
    was thinking the same thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Badpaladin
    South Park's 'Gay Fish' was actually a lot catchier than a lot of Kanye songs.* Yeah.

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    2 00 am Lady Vashj 1 % prenerf

    other shit ~5% Illidan , tank got lags or smth like that turned him face 2 raid and voila +40% ))

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Quote Originally Posted by Dulba
    Vashj, 2900 hitpoints left. Tank and healer were going at it for about 5% i think it was XD.
    something like this happened to us on a farm week
    we luckily the pally bubbled hammered/judgemented for that last lil bit of hp ><
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    meh, remember wiping on Voidreaver, Gruul and Maggy at 1%. Don't know what was worse back then.
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    It was the first time that our WL had to deal with the second Dragon at past 15% (?). At ~2% during his big bang he said sth like "Shit I activated "it" too early!" and BAM Raid down...

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Quote Originally Posted by Saturate
    It was on Firemaw, back in the days. We were trying to down him for the first time, half of the people were in blues and it really meant a lot to us. So we had like a perfect try and at 1% the tank died and the boss just one-shotted us all. People were freaking pissed off. Good times
    you tried Firemaw in blues???? ???
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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Ok so it's not a 1% wipe but it's bloody stupid ..

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    Re: Your worst 1% wipe

    Just this week, on Sapphiron, we had to grab alot of fillers from guild to finish it, about 4 get killed in the first bomb, and we slowly bring her down to about 10% when our MT wipes, so I run around to the front and taunt her, sadly one of our shammy healers runs to the front as well, we get her down to 1% and she enrages.

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