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    it is my idea or it is bigger?:)

    Last night we tried with my guild to do 20 men achieve in malygos we manage to enter phase 3 with a good time left ussually was close to 3:30 mins
    At phase 3 i noticed that the static field was much bigger than other times tbh it was taking me double time to exit from dmg area than before
    Is this happening? or is my idea? It was much harder to exit from that damn clouds

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    Re: it is my idea or it is bigger?:)

    i thought you where a happy customer with ***** enlarger pills or w/e when i read the title

    no idea. haven't been paying attention to it.

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    Re: it is my idea or it is bigger?:)

    it is bigger

    and I'm not talking about the static fields

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